How to watch US Open Live Stream for Free?

by VPN Guider

February 3, 2023

An annual hardcourt tennis competition called the US Open Tennis Championships takes place in Queens, New York. The US Open has historically been the year’s fourth and last Grand Slam competition. The last three.

The event, which was formerly known as the US National Championship and for which the inaugural men’s singles and men’s doubles matches were contested in August 1881, is one of the oldest tennis competitions in the world. The US Open Live Stream remains in high demand every year. 

Men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles are the tournament’s five main championships. The competition also features wheelchair, senior, and junior events. 

Watch the US Open Live Stream for Free. How?


US Open Live Stream

The US Open Live Stream will be aired in the United States on ESPN. ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and ESPN+ will each broadcast a portion of the tournament. ESPN+ is available through primary US cord-cutting services.

Amazon Prime Video

The US Open Live Stream will be televised on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and Ireland. The tournament matches for the 2023 season that won’t be broadcast on Sky Sports or BT Sport have been obtained by Prime Video. There is a free trial period of 30 days. Sports enthusiasts should have a Prime Video subscription, especially if they watch the US Open Live.



In continental Europe, Eurosport has the broadcasting rights to the US Open (reaching 42 countries, including Italy and Spain). To find out what other sporting events, from cycling to snooker, are airing on the service, check the official Eurosport schedule. There is a free trial period of seven days.

YouTube TV

top recommendation because right now, YouTube TV is offering a free 2-week trial. That’s enough to catch all the US Open Live Stream action without paying a penny.

Sling TV

Sling TV

While Sling TV only provides a 3-day free trial, it’s still the most affordable option if you can’t access YouTube TV’s trial because you already have a subscription. ESPN and ESPN2 access require a Sling TV Orange subscription.


1. Who won the US Open in 2022?
Carlos Alcaraz, a 19-year-old from Spain, won the men's singles championship in the 2022 US Open by defeating Casper Ruud.
2. In the US Open, how many sets are played?
Matches are the best of five sets for men and three for women because the US Open is a Grand Slam competition.
3. Is it illegal to stream the US Open Live Stream using a VPN?
No, it’s not illegal to use VPN for US Open Live Stream.

Hulu + Live TV

You can enjoy a free 7-day trial when you sign up for Hulu + Live TV. Stick around after the trial, and it’s $54.99 per month.

Why do I need a VPN to watch the US Open Live overseas?

Sports streaming sites only allow you if you are in a country where they allow viewing. For instance, YouTube TV restricts access to its streaming programming to US citizens only. A VPN can assist you if you’re in a nation that forbids the US Open from being streamed by masking your location and making it seem like you’re in a country with a broadcasting permit.

The top VPNs for watching tennis tournaments live have a wide variety of servers spread out over the globe, allowing you to connect to any location streaming the US Open virtually.

Avoid bandwidth throttling during your US Open live stream

Streaming can take up many data. That’s why your internet service provider (ISP) may intentionally slow down your connection or “throttle”. The solution to this issue is using a VPN, Your ISP won’t go through the data packets, so your internet service provider won’t be able to throttle that traffic based on what service you’re using. VPNs can break through ISP throttling and buffering.

The significant determining factor is what protocols your VPN supports. A high-quality VPN with 128 or 256-bit encryption is much more likely not to be detected by your ISP for internet traffic throttling.

VPNs will block Free streaming website ads

VPNs include ad blockers made to stop annoying ads and block trackers. Ad blockers are associated with online protection. Many VPN services now claim ad-blocking capabilities as part of a larger internet security package.

With a quality VPN subscription, you can also block ads using a VPN.

Security from third-party free US Open live stream websites:

Viewers searching for free US Open live stream links go to a third-party website or use unauthorized apps and links to stream US Open live for free carries unknown risks for the viewers. The highest chance of using third-party websites is personal data leaks, malware attacks, theft of browsing data, and allocation of cookies unknowingly, which keeps track of your personal preferences. 

VPN here is your super saviour as it rescues and provides you with a safe and secure tunnel for your online activities.

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