• Easy to find download files
  • Resume from the same point
  • Frequently updated trackers
  • A lot of redirects
  • Public IP address
Overall Score 4.7
Ads No
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality HD
Page Speed Good
Sign-Up Required no
Score 4.7


The recent popular browser, which provides a un render outlook of the internet universe, has subtle and supportive features that most users like. But download and file sharing speed concerns manoeuvring with the extensive database. These browsers usually lack in capacity to handle such giant content on the platform. So, most users get hooked on popular third-party applications specially made for this purpose. 

So the newly launched platform of kickass torrents is catering for thousands of users with this facility in today’s time. 

Score 4.7

What are Kickass Torrents?

Kickass Torrents alternative is a platform which works as an internet browser and also for sharing big files and databases which regular browsers couldn’t work on. It is also specialised like other torrent applications that quickly download bulky content that the normal browser couldn’t cope with at a light speed.


Score 4.7

How to access Kickass Torrents?

Kickass Torrents app can be easily accessed through the plethora of browsers available on any app store like Google Chrome, OperaMini, UC browser and Mozilla Firefox; these are the general pathways which can take an individual to this platform. 

But along with it, this could not be enough all the time in all the regions of the world where the internet is under the naked eye, so then, a simple connection to a virtual private network helps the user to hide their identity and reach towards this website. 

Score 4.7

Best Features of Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents reddit has a bunch of specifications which can be said to the positive of this application. However, still, all the specification doesn’t have equal contribution to the makeup of this software. So below are the top two pick features which can be said to be significant contributors to the business of this torrent site.

Score 4.7

Quick File Sharing

It provides quick access to file sharing, and the speed of sharing is magnificent when it comes to sharing the mega database, which starts from a file size of 10 GB. File sharing is the most significant aspect of this platform, and many users are hooked by witnessing this essential element of the Kickass torrent. 

Score 4.7

Easy and Simple UI

Kickass Torrents give a straightforward user interface that a small kid of a 5-year-old can even understand. This simplicity is a positive of the software, which captivates many users. On a day-to-day basis, we come across many applications that over-design their platform, which is not always good.

Score 4.7

Suggestions and Conclusion

Not too many suggestions have to be given to the developers of this platform, but the common problem which usually stays with the third-party application continues with it. The bugs and the lags are frequent when the site is visited on a consecutive basis. This is the most critical concern, which has to be fixed very soon; otherwise, it may work against the business of this software.