• Ease of use
  • Wide content range
  • HD streams
  • Deceptive ads
  • Redirections
Overall Score 4.3
Ads Yes
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality HD
Page Speed Good
Sign-Up Required no
Score 4.3


In today’s world, the programs of live television are also streaming on online broadcasting platforms, which provide services at any time and at any place. Still, along with the facility, they are replicating the television channels that are charging hefty premium money from subscribers. So if an individual is opting for online streaming facilities for his or her convenience, then the subscription money is even charged for that service. 

So in between, platforms like Kora 365 are bringing a totally free live streaming experience of various entertainment elements to the users by pushing back the official online streamers along with the conventional television channels. 

Score 4.3

What is Kora 365?

Kora 365 live TV is a platform that provides a range of entertainment like movies, sports, dramas, and popular TV shows utterly accessible to their users. The streaming quality and other operating aspects remain up to the mark compared to the official television and online streaming platforms.

Score 4.3

How to access Kora 365?

Kora extra 365 can be easily accessed through any internet browser like Opera Mini, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Generally, it gets accessed smoothly, but at some point in time, it may show some errors, so a simple connection of any virtual private network as a VPN can take the user to this highly dominant entertainment platform.

Score 4.3

Best Features Of Kora 365

Kora extra 365 live has many specifications that can be listed as positives of this website. However, still, there are two prime features which the whole user base of this software likes very much, so these are explained in a detailed and straightforward manner below.

Score 4.3

All-in-one Streamer

Kora 365 live TV is a brilliant space to get all the entertainment elements like sports, movies, dramas and popular television shows in one place and at one time. Many users anticipate that the platform is providing all the services free of cost, so there would be a significant compromise in streaming quality which is what the usual third-party apps have. Still, the case is entirely different with this platform.

Score 4.3

Minimal Presence of Ads

So there is a deficient number of advertisements which is the most distractible thing for users while taking amusement of any video streaming. Still, at Kora, ads appear only at both ends of a video. In between, a complete and free experience is given to the subscribers.

Score 4.3

Suggestions and Conclusion

Kora 365 covered all the aspects necessary for a third-party streaming application to cope with, but still, the language problem could prove to be a primary concern for it. The Urdu caption, which is almost not recognizable by the majority of people in the world, could be the most destructible thing for the business of this platform so that it can be either translated into English or any other popular languages are spoken and into the world.