• Huge library of Dramas
  • HD Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Deceptive ads
  • Dull interface
Overall Score 3.7
Ads Yes
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality HD
Page Speed Good
Sign-Up Required no
Score 3.7


Few online platforms in the Asian internet zone cater for movie-based entertainment services, dramas, and virtual television shows entirely freely. The official streaming platform in the television channels, which are affiliated with the rights of broadcasting, is charging a heavy monthly premium which is now becoming a big mess for the users who are completely addicted to the content for which they are even ready to pay the premium value.

So to provide a completely free experience, NewAsian TV has come forth to fulfil the entertainment requirements, especially the Asian one.

Score 3.7

What is Newasian TV?

The new Asian TV app is a platform where drama and television shows from Korea, China and other parts of Asia are broadcast entirely free of cost. This is the most essential and unique category of software that works in the Asian entertainment context without trying to work on the real global stuff.

Score 3.7

How to access Newasian TV?

The new Asian TV safe can be easily accessed by any internet browser or a search engine like Google and Yahoo, providing access to this wholesome world of the internet. Still, in some regions of Asia like China and Korea, where the internet is under Street surveillance, the virtual private network can be an obligation to reach it.

Score 3.7

Best Features of NewAsian TV

The new Asian TV app has many specifications that can be compiled and measured by their contribution to the making of this app. The content is the biggest key for this platform, as no other application focuses primarily on the Asian entertainment element. Below is the excellent tool’s specification of this platform mentioned in detail.

Score 3.7

Fully Asian Content

New Asian TV is only built for Asian entertainment content like drama movies, web series, and television shows. It doesn’t have a single content category that theatres the staff, which is entirely behind the Asian boundaries. So users who have content feeding thirst for the above content can be hooked on to this platform.

Score 3.7

Minimal Presence of Ads

NewsAsian TV app has the least amount of advertisements which usually destroy the users from its flow, and also the majorities useless stuff for an individual who is going to visit a platform for a specific requirement of content. This can be said as the second most prominent feature of this platform which maintains the flow of users into it.

Score 3.7

Suggestions and Conclusion

This website has one major issue which needs to be solved as soon as possible. While streaming content, it sometimes redirects users to another and unwanted software, which shows the weak technicality of this platform. Because when many users visit a particular place, their experience must not be spoiled, which could negatively affect the platform.