• Real-time information
  • Free service
  • Multiple links streaming
  • Low streaming quality
  • Lots of ads
Overall Score 3
Ads Yes
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality Low
Page Speed Fast
Sign-Up Required no
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In today’s world where Sports live, football, cricket, golf, and tennis control ordinary folks’ brains. It is necessary to provide the streaming of it free of cost to lovers who are entirely crazy about it. But now, as we can see, the streaming channels which are authorised with official rights charge expensive subscription offers from the viewers for availing their live streaming services. 

In between, third-party websites like Rojadirecta are giving that experience to the users who are not ready for the paid offer charged by the substantial media houses. 

Score 3

What is Rojadirecta?

Rojadirecta online is the platform which caters for the services of sports live streaming which includes the events of football, cricket, tennis, hockey, golf and Formula 1. Live sports from all categories can be enjoyed on this one platform, and also it doesn’t charge a single penny from its viewers to Handforth their facilities.

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How to access Rojadirecta?

Rojadirecta proxy can be easily accessed through any platform which gives access to the world of the internet, many popular browsers like Google Chrome, Opera mini, Mozilla Firefox and UC browser can take you to this website, but in certain parts of the world, it could be a difficult thing to access it without having a connection of virtual private network to the device.

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Best Features of Rojadirecta

Rojadirecta online alternative has dozens of specifications that contribute to this software’s composition. However, still, there are two prime features which could sum up the whole foundation of this highly used live streaming tool on the internet. So below mention the two prime features of it in a detailed manner.

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Streaming of all significant Sports

All the major sports with substantial viewership at the global level are by Rojadirecta proxy, few from the gallery are football, cricket, golf, hockey and Formula 1. Thus, the user who wants to experience this platform will remember that this software caters for all significant sports in one place.

Score 3

Accessible Findings of the Content

This application has a perfectly covered user interface which helps the operator get the kind of content he wants to discover. After opening the homepage, all the databases are placed by making matching categories for it. This provision has been made only to reduce the task of a user. This is the primary cause behind the big customer chunk which Rojadirecta have.

Score 3

Suggestions and Conclusion

Not so many suggestions have to be given to the developers of this highly decorated website. However, the streaming quality is a concern that they can consider for providing an extra smooth experience to their users. Because in the section reviews, few users have complained about the disturbance they get during the streaming. So this issue should be fixed as soon as possible by the personnel working behind the curtains.