• Wide sports library
  • HD quality
  • User friendly interface
  • Not Secure
  • Deceptive ads
Overall Score 3
Ads Yes
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality HD
Page Speed Good
Sign-Up Required no
Score 3


In today’s world, where the global sports industries are riding at the top among all the entertainment blocks running in the current situation, the fans and followers of the sport need proper updates and news along with watching live streaming of a sporting event. But there are not many platforms that avail these services in one place, few are available, but they charge a lot of expense for providing live streaming. 

Thus the Sportar is one short place where all the elements regarding specific support can be enjoyed at this place without any expenses to be charged.


Score 3

What is Sportar?

Sportar is a one-shot website where all the elements regarding the sports like football, cricket, hockey, golf and Formula 1 can be amused and with a similar experience that the paid official platforms provide that are usually authorised with the copyrights.

Score 3

How to access Sportar?

Sportar can be easily accessed with the help of any popular internet browser that is available on the internet and app stores like Google Chrome, Opera mini, UC browser and Mozilla Firefox or for specific reasons of the world where it falls under some restrictions then a simple connection of virtual private network can solve the problem of users. 

Score 3

Best Features of Sportar

Sportar comes with fantastic specifications; not all third-party apps provide access to live sports events. But the user base of this website has a particular liking for two functions of it which are mentioned the in a cuticle manner. 

Score 3

Safest Place to be visited

The critical concern that ordinary folks mentioned about visiting any third party or unofficial application on the internet is the vulnerability of privacy and safety offered by the place. But supporters are completely minded with all kinds of legal norms necessary to establish a successful website on the internet. 

Score 3

Wide Content-Range

World sports were the large number of viewership used to hooked on like football, cricket, hockey, tennis, and golf are available on this platform, so the majority of users who loves a few spots on the list can visit this platform to get a to z update and also to watch live streaming of the matches related to these horizons. And also, in the context of live streaming, all the international fixtures related to these sports are covered at sportar. 

Score 3

Suggestions and Conclusion

In the suggestion box, one major piece of advice which almost all the users seem to be given to the developers of spotar is the confusing user interface it has. The standard operating interface where a proper category has been made to direct the user is missing out on this platform. So it will be better to fix this issue; otherwise, it could act against the business flow of this application shortly.