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The top forms of content consumption in the world are video-based. Then they are followed by audio-based, and the final most significant share of content consumption is based off and around written forms. If viewers appreciate any form of video content, be it sports, movies, tv shows, or documentaries, they will find premium content for the same. This can be applied to written and audio-based content, such as Wattpad, Spotify, podcasts, novels, journals and more.

Sports content among these is the most niche genre in the world since everyone does not like every sport being played competitively around the globe. With sports, it becomes more about passion and less about preferences. You feel connected to a team, a sport, or a game because they are nostalgic. They bring the person peace, joy, tears of happiness and sadness and more.

Free streaming sites, such as sports hub, allow the users to check out various shows and movies and, in this case, sports streams, free of cost, and gain access to the same type of content, if not more, on a particular site, with various levels of frame rate and resolution available as well as multiple servers to not experience any lags and buffer while streaming.

Score 4.5

Thoughts on the design and content

The users want to enjoy the different content with ease of access and simplicity to navigate. sports hub allows the users to do just that, as they are simple yet sophisticated, easy yet segregated and most importantly, they offer free streaming services, which is what most people are looking for when they step onto the internet searching for their favourite streams and matches and movies and TV shows without needing to pay for the same.

The thing about simple yet sophisticated sites is that they can be simple in appearance and sophisticated in their navigation around the site, or the opposite can be true. The sites that are simple in their navigation around the site are the ones that thrive and invite more traffic because of how easy they are in accessibility. Everyone loves sites where they can quickly skip to the streaming window and not deal with the different layers and pages to start streaming.

The sites such as sports hubs can offer more than just movies and tv shows on occasion. Some sites are primarily designed to provide sports content, and sports hub is one of those sites. Although they may or may not resort to streaming and providing stream links to movies and Tv shows, they do decide to stick to the niche they started with: sports streams and live stream links.