• Free of cost
  • Wide content range
  • Smooth streaming
  • Confusing design
Overall Score 4
Ads Yes
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality HD
Page Speed Good
Sign-Up Required no
Score 4


In today’s times, the official online and television channels are charging heavy amounts of money from their subscribers to avail of any live streaming or latest broadcasting services all related to the aspect of entertainment, but these premium values not needed to be charged by the television as it is not a part of cost making it is just luxury which the platform is enjoying as they are very few in the counting to provide a particular piece of entertainment content to crores of people.

But in between, there are some third-party applications like streamiz that were coming forth to glorify the experience of entertainment streaming of users in an utterly free-of-cost manner.

Score 4

What is Streamiz?

HD streamz is a platform which offers free-of-cost entertainment elements like movies, television shows, web series and sports to users who don’t want to throw extra money on the official broadcasting platforms of the entertainment world. It is one of the fastest-growing streaming platforms at the moment.

Score 4

How to access Streamiz?

This platform can be easily accessed with the help of internet browsers like Google Chrome, UC browser, Opera Mini and Mozilla Firefox. However, the requirement of a virtual private network is still a big thing when you are trying to access this platform in the early few attempts.

Score 4

Best Features of Streamiz

This application has dozens of features which can be counted in the list of positives of the platform. However, still, not all have an equal amount of contribution in the build-up of it, so below we have taken some of its most satisfactory specifications, which could be the silent features of streamiz.

Score 4

Coverage of Entertainment kinds

HD streamz app covers all kinds of entertainment, whether it is movies, television shows, web series or sports. It is one of the rare third-party streaming platforms that cover all the entertainment aspects in one place one platform so, which is the reason behind its vast number of viewers compared to other similar ones.


Score 4

Error Free Operating

Live streamz is probably one of those third-party apps that provide a smooth experience to its user without a single bug or lag in the process of operating in any aspect of the application, and this is not a tiny thing for third-party apps whose developers have to deal with copyright issues every second day.

Score 4

Suggestions and Conclusion

In the discourse of suggestions and pieces of advice which could be given to the developers of this platform, the graphics and design which is used in the build-up of this application should be changed because it is pretty confusing for the user who is not in regular touch with this software, except that streamiz doesn’t have a single floor in its prime business model of broadcasting all kinds of entertainment.