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Score 4.7


Nowadays, the streams of Sports like football, cricket, tennis and badminton are controlling most folks’ minds. This is the direct consequence of why the sports industry of the overall globe has been increasing rapidly in a concise while. So at this point in time, the users are feeling themselves in a big mess because the premium value charged by the mainstream channels is even 10x as compared to the actual charge with the official streaming platforms recommended. 

So far, experience in a completely live stream Sports platform like Telerium is there, which is not even charging a single dollar to present the services before the world. 

Score 4.7

What is Telerium?

Telerium alternative is a platform where major global Sports like football, cricket, Golf, hockey and tennis are watched in a usable form. The live streaming factor is included in the list serving this platform’s content. Along with this, not a single buck is charged by the users to avail of the platform’s services.

Score 4.7

How to access Telerium?

Telerium TV APK can be easily accessed by the platforms like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC browser and Opera Mini. Still, the same problem that most third-party applications have is one-time access. This website also has it, so that circumstance, a simple virtual private network connection can be inducted to take amusement of it.

Score 4.7

Best Features Of  Telerium

There are plenty of specifications which contributed considerably to the progress of this platform. However, the two central pillars on which this whole software stands are still mentioned below in an illustrative manner for a better understanding of users. 

Score 4.7

Real-Time Live Streaming

Tellurium broadcast has a real-time live streaming facility, usually seen on the official television mainstream channels, which are authorised by the rights of specific broadcasting programs. Not even the big online streaming channels come forth with this facility Teleri um bring for its users.

Score 4.7

Minimal Ads Present

Terrarium TV app has minimum ads, which is the most important thing that usually creates a gap between users and the platform, serving the same element, which is the primary distraction of that chunk of users. Still, within this website, advertisements only appear where they won’t come into the way of user flow, and during the stream, especially ads only appear at the start and end of a video.

Score 4.7

Suggestions and Conclusion

In the context of this advice, the only thing that can be improved on the website of the terrarium is the technical errors that mostly come when users try to access it for the first time. Though this is a minor thing for a third-party app, it can still result in a big gap between the users and the services the website offers, ultimately ruining its business.