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In the internet world, search engines have the utmost importance in getting engaged in this virtual universe. Today few popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck go, and most folks use Bing. But beyond these engines, there are few new browsing options available in the app store which provide smooth searching along with a few majestic features which these traditional search engines don’t offer.

One of those is torrentz2, among the top fastest searching platforms for movies, games and applications.

Score 4.5

What is Torrentz2?

This platform is built for those users who want to experience the fastest search results along with a wide variety of content which is generally restricted to all big and majorly used search engines. Torrentz2 app can be found on any app store like Google Play Store or iOS App Store, and also it is so tiny in size to get downloaded in a few seconds.

Score 4.5

How to access Torrentz2?

Torrentz two sides can be easily accessed through internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini, and UC browsers; also on the application stores like Google Play Store and iOS App Store, this application can be easily found. In a few regions of the world where malware applications are strictly banned, under such circumstances, a short connection of a virtual private network can easily take the user to the official website of this software. 

Score 4.5

Best Features of Torrentz2

There are plenty of specifications that torrentz2 alternative has, proving so good for it in offering a splendid searching facility to the users. But in that basket of features, a few prime elements worked on the majority basis for this software.

Score 4.5

Rich In The Content

Torrentz2 mirror sites have multiple sorts of content available in endless quantities. The searching content related to all aspects ordinarily available to most users is a part of this browser. Still, it also has that confidential content that other prime browsers used to keep it restricted from their users.

Score 4.5

Quick In The Operations

Torrentz2 to Asia beta, another name for this platform, is highly smooth and rapid in processing the information fed by the user and provides him with the kind of result he wants. This is the biggest speciality of this application despite being a decently optimised one.

Score 4.5

Suggestions and Conclusion

Torrentz 2 download reddit is far behind in a few aspects, which the developers of this platform have to work on and fix the issues immediately. The categorization of the content on the website is poor, and the graphics/designs are also below par when it comes to operating on a vast platform like a search engine. These flaws must be considered as soon as possible to improve the performance of the software.