• Huge library
  • HD quality
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Dull interface
  • Deceptive ads
Overall Score 4
Ads Yes
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality HD
Page Speed Good
Sign-Up Required yes
Score 4


Entertainment is a kind of thing which almost every individual in the world regularly consumes through various platforms and various elements. Still, due to the over-height entertainment business model, the premium is becoming common in almost every platform, catering-related services to this aspect. 

So to provide a completely free entertainment experience like movies, sports, dramas and TV shows, websites like viafree have come forth to give a unique touch to users. 

Score 4

What is Viafree?

Viafree app allows entertainment sources like movies, dramas, television shows, and sports to be watched entirely free. This is available in the form of an application and also in the form of a website. Both can provide total access to the content offered to the users. So it can be used as a platform where free-of-cost entertainment is on service.

Score 4

How to access Viafree?

Viafree sports can be easily accessed with the help of any internet browser like Google Chrome and Opera Mini, which is allowed to take the user into the vast Universe of the internet and also where this application causes a little bit of a problem, an option of the virtual private network could be used to open it. With these both ways, it can be easily accessed and used to feed with free of cost entertainment.

Score 4

Best Features Of Viafree

This application has a bunch of features which can be counted in the list of top specifications that contribute majorly to this platform’s build-up. So below given are the top-notch features of viafree which are preferred and liked by most of its users.

Score 4

Minimal Advertisements

Viafree APK has the minimum advertisements to interrupt the user during the streaming flow. This is the most important thing regarding a provider’s smooth video experience. This is the major positive that this platform has compared to other third-party applications, which work to get entertainment elements to the user free of cost.

Score 4

All Content At One Place

Viafree iPhone, another name for this application, offers all the entertainment elements like movies, TV shows, dramas and sports in one place; in the market, there are few applications which offer all things in one place, and mostly they are paid ones that take premium from the users and then offer these services. Still, it is the only software to do this in the free category.

Score 4

Suggestions and Conclusion

One significant suggestion which could be given to this website is to improve its search engine optimization because optimization is the most crucial thing when ranking a specific website in the top searches of that search engine. Also, the website’s design needs to be improved to make it eye-catching.