Five Best VPN for Estonia

Five Best VPN for Estonia Fraz Ahmed

This article will inform you if you are searching for the best VPN for Estonia to access the geo-blocked sites. One of the fundamental reasons to use a VPN is to unblock the streaming sites and watch the blocked content. No matter how much internet freedom you enjoy in the country, you’d be blocked from accessing certain websites and services. It’s because the services themselves limit access to certain countries. In all this, only a VPN can help you. Read the remaining part of the article and get to know about the best VPN for Estonia.

Estonia is one of those countries that enjoy a high level of the internet except for a few restrictions on accessing the internet. According to the 2020 Freedom on the Net report, after Iceland, Estonia has the most unrestricted internet. The government of Estonia does not impose any legal control over the internet. The country is free from government-imposed restrictions or even disruptions to internet connectivity. Even the government doesn’t have any legal authority to cut off the internet connection in any situation. Like, if there’s a state emergency, then you can freely use the internet.

Moreover, there are quite a few blocked websites in Estonia. It means that the cultural, social, and political content is readily available to all users. There have been events where the online content is being removed, and it is not much of a big problem. Most of these events happen when the civil court demands to remove the defamatory content or comments.

Data Retention Laws in Estonia

Several legal acts regulate the data protection and privacy laws in Estonia. Some of the most famous and prominent ones include:

  1. The Personal Data Protection Act
  2. The GDPR
  3. The Constitutional Act of the Republic of Estonia
  4. The Cybersecurity Act
  5. The Electronic Communication Act
  6. The Public Information Act

Article 111 of the Electronic Communication Act 2005 asks telecom companies to keep users’ communication data for at least a year. The collected data was later used to identify the duration of the call, location, and to whom the user called. The article further explains the type of metadata that needs to record (both via the telephone and mobile phone) network services and the ISPs.

Later, the article grants permission to extend the limit of data retention for an unlimited time. It was done as it is necessary for national security and in the interest of public order. In 2014, the Estonian Human Rights Center called it a violation of an individual’s privacy. The Court of Justice of the European Union declared the implemented directives invalid. Since then, there have not been any changes in Estonia’s provisions. The collected data is only used to fight severe crimes, misconducts, and civil prosecutions.

Why Use the Best VPN for Estonia?

Though Estonia provides free and open internet, it blocks access to some websites, including gambling sites. These sites don’t come according to the local legislation, but if it’s your favorite site, you can still access it by connecting it with a VPN. With a VPN, you can always keep your activities private and outside the spying eyes. If you are connected to a public wifi network, then a VPN will shield you from hackers invading your privacy. If you are in a remote country and want to connect to your bank account that’s blocked, then a VPN will get the work for you.

It changes your IP address and virtual location and connects you to a server in your home country. Using a VPN outside Estonia, you can access your Chase and Well Fargo online banking service without any interruption. Streaming services have banned access to specific locations. With the best VPN for Estonia, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies. The best VPN comes with several advanced security and bypassing features that circumvent the censorship filters and allow the user to watch the blocked content. If you want to access US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or even Disney Plus, you can use a reliable VPN and make your streaming experience worth amazing. In Estonia, self-censorship is not widespread, and online debates are open.

But, sometimes, the comments on discussion boards and news websites get removed by the administrations. Some popular websites have a specific code of conduct and policies that can cause certain content to be taken down. If you fear that if you raise your voice, you can be in danger, it is always a great idea to use a VPN. When you use any such service while being connected on a VPN, the VPN makes you anonymous, and the administration would never know who the person is. You’d remain safe and protected, and no one can learn about your identity.

The transparency report reveals that Facebook deleted seven content items from July to December 2018. The social media app does it on a request from the Estonian government. In another situation, a company limited access to content that contained hate speech. The Estonian Human Rights Centre reported it. If you’re a social activist or journalist, then all these things create hurdles in your work. It’s better if you use a VPN to track all such things.

Features to Look for in the Best VPN for Estonia

Selecting the best VPN for Estonia is a lengthy process. To make things easy, we did most of the work for you. After testing and reviewing several VPNs, we came up with five essential features that should be present in the best VPN to use in Estonia.  Below are the features that make up the best VPN for Estonia:

Strong Encryption

A fundamental reason to use a VPN is that it enhances your online security. Thus, it is vital to choose the most secure VPN. You can judge the security level by knowing the encryption level a VPN offers. The best one provides AES-256-bit encryption. It is the highest encryption level that protects the data from all snooping eyes.


No one wants to use a VPN that causes connection lags and buffering. Use a VPN that provides fast and consistent speed for streaming, downloading, browsing, gaming, and torrenting. All the VPN mentioned in this post offers reliable connection speed, but you can conduct a speed test for self-satisfaction if you still doubt so.

Streaming Ability

As you can’t access unlimited streaming content in Estonia, make sure that your VPN is compatible with all streaming sites. It should use advanced censorship filters or features that make bypassing censorship easy. The best VPN unblocks streaming content from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO, and more.

Network Size

It is another vital feature that you shouldn’t neglect. Use a VPN with an extensive server network because more servers mean that you have more options. If one server is running slow, you can connect to the other one that works fine.

No-Logging Policy

The ISPs are famous for storing user data and even selling it to third parties for money or the government. If you don’t want this to happen, use a VPN that follows a transparent no-log policy. It means that the VPN won’t keep your information like your IP address or browsing history to reveal your real identity.

Software Compatibility

Use a VPN that’s compatible with all major operating systems and preferred devices. If a VPN doesn’t support your device or OS, then there is no use for it. Thus, do check the VPN software compatibility before you make the final decision. All the VPNs mentioned here are compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and streaming devices like Apple TV and Chromecast.

How to Get an Estonian IP Address?

If you’re searching for how to get an Estonia IP address and unblock the restricted content, then you’re at the right place. Follow the step-by-step instructions and get the Estonian IP address from anywhere in this world:

  1. Look for a VPN that offers Estonian servers. You can select anyone from the list given in this article.
  2. Select a premium plan and subscribe to their service.
  3. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  4. Enter your credentials and log in to your account.
  5. Choose a server and tap to connect.
  6. Now, use any geographically restricted Estonian service. You can use it without any error or fuss.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Get an Estonian IP Address?

No, we don’t recommend users use a free VPN to get an Estonian IP address. These free services come with a small server network. As many people want to get the Estonian IP address, these services are pretty flooded. It means that if you use them so, you’ll likely experience slow speeds, and that’s not what you want. VPNs are for boosting your digital privacy, but the opposite happens when you use a free VPN. Several free VPNs are available on the app store containing malware and Trojan Horses that aim to infect your device. Also, these services fail to encrypt the data traffic and are useless from a security-enhancing perspective. If you want to stay protected and enjoy the benefits of an Estonian IP address. In that case, we recommend using a reputable premium VPN with advanced security features and a strict zero-log policy.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Estonia is among the most accessible countries when it comes to internet laws and censorship. The users don’t have to face any strict regulations both by the ISPs and the government. Protecting digital privacy is the right of every individual. Thus, they should use a VPN and keep themselves and their activities anonymous. Use any of the above-mentioned best VPN for Estonia and browse as you wish.

Five Best VPN for Estonia
Fraz Ahmed

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