Five Best VPN for Hungary

Five Best VPN for Hungary Fraz Ahmed

Are you in Hungary and want to browse the free web? If your answer is a yes, then make it clear that you can’t. In Hungary, you come across regional restrictions because you won’t access the locked content. With advancements in technology and privacy software, you can now unblock websites and streaming services to watch your favorite shows and movies. In this article, we’ll inform you about the best VPN for Hungary. So, let’s dive into this article.

Hungarian citizens are pretty much conscious when it comes to online privacy and protection. Cybersecurity has become a serious and significant concern in the country. With the changing security landscape, this issue needs immense consideration. Hungary people are falling easy victims to hackers. The cyber-crooks compromise their banking and other sensitive information. Moreover, the state-imposed data retention laws also risk users’ online privacy and security. The concerned authorities can view and analyze their online data and even take action against the users’.

But, there’s always one safest way to secure your online activities, and it is none other than using the best VPN for Hungary. A good VPN hides your online activities and makes you anonymous over the web. It also encrypts the data traffic, and as a result, your ISP or any other snooping eye can’t view your data or authorities. Also, a VPN is famous for bypassing geographical restrictions. It permits you to access the websites and content that you can’t from Hungary. Before we start reviewing the best VPN for Hungary, let’s first discuss the data retention laws and internet censorship situation in Hungary.

Data Retention Laws and Internet Censorship in Hungary

Hungary is a contemporary and peaceful country with half of the population having access to the internet world. Millions of online users access the fast internet without an ISP firewall and government censorship. It won’t be wrong to say that the users’ easy access to fast and affordable internet in Hungary.

The Electronic Communication Act directs the ISPs and other mobile service providers to record all user data. The collected data is given to the government when asked. Internet freedom in Hungary is intact when compared with other countries like Finland or China. There aren’t any strict laws that permit the higher authorities to control the user data from the ISPs. According to data retention laws in 2018, the data retention period was six months for all unsuccessful calls and a year for other data. Prosecutor permission is required to access the collected data by the customs office.

But, the national law enforcement agencies and prosecutors can access the data without any court permission. A constitutional challenge is underway to oppose these regulations. As a whole, Hungarian citizens enjoy pretty good internet freedom. But, there’s still a need to use a VPN for Hungary to safeguard your online presence. There might be no harsh data retention laws or censorship in Hungary. But the country is not free from cyber-crooks, surveillance, and website blocks.

Why Use a VPN in Hungary?

Using a VPN in Hungary is not limited to a single reason. There are many relevant reasons for using a VPN, even in a country like Hungary which doesn’t have strict internet laws. One common cause of using a VPN is to bypass the censorship filters of streaming services. Some streaming sites like Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer have restricted their services to certain countries because of copyright and licensing issues.

If you are in Hungary for some work purpose and want to access the blocked content on BBC iPlayer from your home country so what you’ll do? The easiest way is to connect with the best VPN in Hungary, select a server in the UK and watch the geo-blocked content.  If you’re outside Hungary and want to access your online banking account, you can again use a VPN. The international login is flagged to prevent fraud, but your work becomes easy with a reliable VPN. The Freedom on the Net Report for 2019 also reveals that online restrictions are pretty rare in Hungary.

But, it would help if you still used a VPN to enhance your digital privacy. Using a VPN for Hungary means data encryption and no-logging of your data, and all of these are the foundation for anonymous web browsing. It is of great importance when you are using a free WiFi network as it poses significant risks and is a leading cause of identity theft. Net neutrality is another reason why you must invest in a reliable VPN for Hungary. Unlike in many other regions where you travel within Europe, Hungary’s net neutrality laws favor the users.

But you never know how these laws are subject to change. It is possible the net neutrality laws in Hungary get modified and become a threat to your online privacy and security. If such a thing happens, you may find the website getting blocked from access but using a VPN will always save you from this. When you use a VPN, it handles protecting your privacy even if net neutrality losses or the government imposes extreme censorship. A reliable VPN is always valuable for maintaining your data security and anonymity regardless of any challenging situation.

How to Pick Up the Best VPN for Hungary?

The Hungarian people enjoy internet freedom, for further boosting their online security and privacy, by using a VPN. We won’t recommend using any random VPN in Hungary because it can harm your privacy. When you choose a VPN to use in Hungary, do consider the following mentioned factors:

  • The VPN you choose should provide a good encryption pattern to protect your data traffic. Using a VPN that provides military-grade encryption is the most reliable and safest one to use.
  • The best VPN is the one that comes with a vast server network spread in a dozen of countries. A VPN with more server networks means a quick connection in the least time.
  • The VPN you use should protect against VPN leaks. It includes IP addresses, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. You can also run various tests to know if the VPN you use leaks your data or not.
  • Do go through the privacy policy of your VPN service provider. It should follow a strict no-log policy. It must be free from keeping user browsing history, IP address, connection timestamp, and others.
  • The service provider should also have a kill switch feature that protects your IP address when the VPN connection drops. Moreover, it should have obfuscation technology. It is a fantastic technology that’s handy when accessing blocked streaming services such as Netflix.

How to Use a VPN in Hungary?

A VPN ensures a safe browsing, streaming, torrenting, and shopping experience. It is easy to use and download. But, if you still don’t know how to do it, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official site of the VPN you decided to use. Select an affordable subscription plan and subscribe to it. For Hungary, we are using NordVPN.
  • Considering your device, download and install the VPN app.
  • Launch the VPN app and then log in to your account by entering relevant credentials.
  • The app can connect you with the fastest server or select a server of your choice from the server list.
  • Tap to connect and wait for a few seconds to get the connection done.
  • Minimize the VPN app, open a new browser tab and start browsing the web anonymously.

Is It Recommended to Use a Free VPN in Hungary?

No, free VPNs are not recommended to use in Hungary, and there are several reasons behind it. The free services have a few server networks, and when you connect them so, you experience slow speed and server loading issues. The speeds are pretty slow and not enough for streaming and torrenting.

Another significant con of using a free VPN in Hungary is that they fail to unblock the streaming sites like Netflix. It is because they lack the obfuscation technology that bypasses the censorship filters. The free VPN providers are not reliable and private when it comes to privacy and security.

They are famous for collecting and selling user data to advertising companies. Also, they don’t encrypt the data traffic, and the ISPs can know about your activities. Poor performance, slow speeds, and inadequate security are prominent reasons to avoid using a free VPN in Hungary. Thus, you should save some dollars every month and invest in one of the best premium VPNs for Hungary.

Final Thoughts

If you want to secure your information in Hungary, then you must use a VPN. Selecting a VPN and then setting it up might sound a bit complicated, but hopefully, after reading this article, you know about it. Follow our guide and set up the VPN in a few minutes. But before that, you need to select the best VPN for Hungary from the list mentioned above.  Choose the most reliable VPN according to your need from the list provided and share your views in the comment section below.

Five Best VPN for Hungary
Fraz Ahmed

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