The Five Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

The Five Best VPN for BBC iPlayer Fraz Ahmed

BBC iPlayer is one of those streaming platforms that you can’t access in the UK. The best possible solution for accessing it is to use a reliable VPN provider and get the job done. This article focuses on the best VPN for BBC iPlayer. After much hassle and research work, we finally come up with five VPNs to access BBC iPlayer. So, if you want to know about them, dive into this article. But before we get into the main topic, let’s first discuss why you should use a VPN to access the BBC iPlayer. Now, let’s begin with it.

Why Use a VPN for BBC iPlayer?

The iPlayer restricts its services outside the UK, and if anyone wants to watch British TV shows, they need to use a VPN. Using a VPN to stream BBC iPlayer means that your VPN provider will allocate you an IP address that belongs to the UK. You might pretend to look like streaming the service from the UK without anyone knowing the truth. Hence, you need to use a VPN to access BBC iPlayer. With a VPN, you not just remain anonymous but also bypass the regional ban.

Things to Consider While Choosing a VPN for Accessing BBC iPlayer

Unblocking BBC iPlayer is a bit tough, and you can’t use any VPN. Many VPNs claim to unblock BBC iPlayer, but in reality, they don’t. It is often challenging for the users to decide which VPN would be the best for the BBC iPlayer. To make their work a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of factors based on which we reviewed several VPNs and came up with the five best VPN for BBC iPlayer.

These factors are as follows: Reliable Connection: Streaming on BBC iPlayer means that you need a fast, consistent, and stable connection with minimal or no connection lags. Large Server Network: An extensive server network means that the VPN will provide you with more IP addresses that won’t let the streaming platform detect you.

No-Logging Policy: A no-logging policy ensures that the service provider doesn’t keep any activity logs, IP addresses, and connection timestamps that can later reveal their identity. Simultaneous Connections: It allows the users to connect to multiple devices with a single account. It means that more people can enjoy the perks of using a VPN.

Robust Security and Privacy: The VPN should have the industry’s leading encryption standard and security features like a kill switch. It should also protect against VPN leaks. Compatibility with OS: If a VPN is compatible with all primary operating systems, it means that you can watch BBC iPlayer on any device and platform, and you don’t need any specific one to get the job done.

Five Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

All these VPNs are self-tested and reviewed unbiasedly. We are not at all promoting any single product, so don’t even think of it. The following mentioned below are the best VPN you can use to access BBC iPlayer. Let’s review them one by one.


NordVPN is our number choice when it comes to accessing BBC iPlayer. The VPN has an extensive server network that consists of more than 5000 servers, and the reliable speed makes it easy to access the BBC iPlayer. The most impressive thing about NordVPN is that it unblocks BBC iPlayer on all UK servers without any connection lags.

You can connect to any UK server and can stream BBC iPlayer. Here an enormous credit goes to NordVPN’s consistent speed. It is the fastest VPN in the industry, with no buffering or connection lags. When you stream BBC iPlayer, you will watch your favorite TV shows in HD quality, and your experience won’t get interrupted because of speed. Besides this, the service provider is safe and has a private VPN.

It doesn’t keep activity logs and uses excellent security features to maintain users’ online privacy and security. It is free from VPN leaks and protects your IP address with an enabled kill switch. Moreover, it is compatible with primary OS and devices and allows up to six devices to make it a perfect VPN for BBC iPlayer.


If you are searching for a budget-friendly VPN for accessing the BBC iPlayer, SurfShark is the right choice for you. It is among the most versatile and popular streaming VPN because of its exceptional performance and impressive features. It is quick enough to bypass the regional restrictions and access various streaming sites, including the BBC iPlayer. It consists of 1600+ server networks that are spread in 60 countries, and the UK is one.

It offers a fast speed that is more than enough to stream HD quality shows without buffering, and connection lags. We also conducted a speed test repeatedly but obtained entirely satisfactory results. The service provider is a British-Virgin Island-based VPN. It means that it is safe to use because it falls outside the global surveillance alliance’s jurisdiction. SurfShark abides by a no-log policy that clearly states that the VPN doesn’t store any browsing history or IP address that can reveal users’ identities.

The VPN uses military-grade encryption along with secure VPN protocols to safeguard the data traffic. There’s also a kill switch that guards you and your activities whenever there’s a connection drop. It protects against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks and is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows OS. It also allows unlimited simultaneous connection making it the right choice to use for BBC iPlayer.


The next best VPN for BBC iPlayer in our list is the ExpressVPN. Its reliable speed connections, strict no-log policy, and split tunneling mode allow users to access the BBC iPlayer. The VPN is among the fastest VPN in the VPN industry. It provides reliable and consistent connection across all 3000+ server networks with minimum or no connection lags.

When you use ExpressVPN to stream the BBC iPlayer, the split tunneling feature helps unlock the streaming platform and makes your experience worth amazing. Like SurfShark, ExpressVPN also belongs to the British Virgin Island; thus, you can use it without giving it a second thought. We tested ExpressVPN for IP and DNS leaks and were impressed with the results. The VPN service provider doesn’t leak any of your data that can later expose your real identity.

It also uses AES-256 bit encryption and some outstanding security-enhancing features like a kill switch, SOCKS5, and a double VPN feature. All these features ensure that when you stream BBC iPlayer, you remain anonymous, and nobody knows what you are doing.


PrivateVPN is an ideal option to unblock BBC iPlayer. The speeds are fast enough to stream BBC iPlayer despite having a small server network compared to other VPNs mentioned in this list. The VPN has a no-log policy and a good track record of bypassing filters and accessing the BBC iPlayer. The PrivateVPN is as private as its name. It doesn’t compromise on the security level and thus uses both AES-128 and AES-256 bit encryption standards.

It also offers a port forwarding feature to bypass the regional censorship and watch the BBC iPlayer TV shows in HD quality. Other than BBC iPlayer, the VPN also unblocks Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video. So, if you wish to access any other streaming site, PrivateVPN allows you to do that as well. You can connect to six devices with one PrivateVPN account. It will enable you to stream BBC iPlayer on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows platforms at an affordable price.


Another best VPN for BBC iPlayer is none other than the Romanian-based CyberGhost, which is famous for its ease to use and setup. Despite giving excellent results on various streaming platforms, including the BBC iPlayer, its low-cost price makes it an ideal option. As the service provider belongs to Romania, it is safe to use; the company follows a transparent no-log policy, so you don’t have to worry about your recorded data.

The company ends up having no user data that can expose any user or either activity. When it comes to streaming BBC iPlayer so, CyberGhost VPN faces significant criticism most of the time. There are valid reasons for this. The VPN provides fast speed on local servers, but the speeds are somehow inconsistent on long-distance servers. Despite having an extensive server network of 6500+ servers, CyberGhost VPN still faces issues while accessing BBC iPlayer.

We tested the VPN several times to unblock BBC iPlayer and were glad to see the results. The test results showed that the VPN unblocks BBC iPlayer the majority of the time we attempted to do it. It means it does work on this streaming platform, but the result can vary so, choose the server wisely. Other than that, CyberGhost is an excellent VPN with no VPN leaks. Like the other top-tier VPN providers, it works well with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It allows the user to connect up to seven simultaneous devices with a single CyberGhost account.

How to Use a VPN for Watching BBC iPlayer?

Unblocking BBC iPlayer is simple and easy and doesn’t put you into much fuss. Below are the steps of how to use a VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer:

1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider. You can select any from the list mentioned above. We are going with NordVPN.
2. Download the VPN app on your device.
3. Complete the installation steps and create your account.
4. Sign in to the account by entering the login details.
5. Select a server of your choice and tap to connect.
6. Open the BBC iPlayer site and start watching your favorite TV show on it.

FAQs About VPNs for BBC iPlayer

Can you use a free VPN to access BBC iPlayer? No, you can’t use a free VPN for accessing BBC iPlayer. A free VPN lacks the advanced security features that bypass the restrictions and come with a limited data cap. All these things are not enough for streaming BBC iPlayer. Which is the best VPN BBC iPlayer? We recommend NordVPN as the best VPN for unblocking BBC iPlayer.

The service offers fast speed, follows a no-log policy, and is entirely safe and secure to use on this platform. What things should you consider while choosing a VPN for unlock BBC iPlayer? When you’re selecting a VPN to use on BBC iPlayer so, consider the following factors:

• Speed
• Server network
• Logging policy
• Robust security and privacy
• Simultaneous connections

Is BBC iPlayer a free streaming platform? Yes, BBC iPlayer is a free platform. You need to make an account on its website and need a UK postal code to start streaming. Can you access BBC iPlayer in the US? Yes, you can access BBC iPlayer outside the UK, including Canada and the US. It would be best if you use a VPN to achieve it. When you use a VPN like NordVPN or SurfShark VPN, it connects you with a UK server and allows you to watch any British TV show in HD quality.

Final Thoughts

Streaming on BBC iPlayer is complex, and not all VPNs can do so. The streaming platform has blocked the VPN traffic and its services outside the UK. But, with a reliable and trustworthy VPN provider, you can unblock it. The above-listed VPNs are the best streaming VPN for BBC iPlayer. Use any of them to watch British TV shows without any issue.

The Five Best VPN for BBC iPlayer
Fraz Ahmed

Best VPN for BBC iPlayer


  • Good Security
  • Decent Speed
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  • Excellent support
  • Fast speeds
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CyberGhost VPN

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