Updated June 6, 2022

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BBC Hulu Netflix Utorent
Overall Rank 1
Money-back Guarantee yes
Setup time 5 minutes
Device count per license 5
Mobile apps Android, iOS & Windows
Best price $6.67
Overall Score 9.9

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General overview

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is ranked amongst the finest VPNs. You are more likely to hear a positive review regarding ExpressVPN. That really pushed us to review the virtual private network and see what makes it so unique.

ExpressVPN comes with an outstanding balance between its performance and privacy. Beating competitors with its top performance, the VPN has made a global footprint. Established in 2009, ExpressVPN covers every aspect a virtual private network has to offer. With a wide range of compatible devices, the VPN covers its privacy via 256-bit encryption and split tunneling.

The vast range of servers across 94 countries

It covers a vast range of servers across 94 countries. The customer support is also impressive with a dedicated team available 24/7. The best thing about ExpressVPN is the most preferred choice for torrenting. It unblocks various streaming sites including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BBC, among others.

The only drawback that is a big worry for users is its subscription price. ExpressVPN is far more expensive when we compare it with other VPNs on the market. Let’s review its keep features and experience what makes it different from other VPNs.


Operating System Android Ios Linux Mac OS Windows
Protocols IKEv2/IPsec, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN TCP
Logs Policy
Works With BBC Hulu Netflix Utorent
Payment Methods Bitcoin Credit Card Paypal
Money Back Guarantee

Company Information

Company name: ExpressVPN
Company incorporation country: British Virgin Islands
Years in market: 12
No-logs: no

Overview - Conclusion

high-quality Express VPN is one of the oldest VPNs on the market with sublime security features and top-notch customer services -- though on an expensive side. high-quality


Express VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, a place where a virtual private network would love to operate. It is outside the jurisdiction of any strict privacy laws and five eyes, nine eyes, and 14 eyes alliance. Wondering how? The British Virgin is a country outside the five eyes, nine eyes, and 14 eyes alliance. It means that it has no or fewer internet-privacy laws. That makes it a safe haven for VPNs.

ExpressVPN uses military-grade encryption. During encryption, the AES 256-bit cipher combines with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication. The primary purpose of these keys is that they ensure a top-notch level of security and privacy. It never keeps activity logs, including information on DNS queries, traffic destination, and browsing history.

In addition, ExpressVPN has a kill switch and split tunneling feature. These two features ensure that there is no kind of DNS and IP leak. Also, by undergoing an IP leak test and DNS leak test, it showed no leaks.

Like NordVPN, Express VPN also has Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). Every time you connect to the VPN, you have a new key, and it changes after every 60 minutes. In case of connection disruption, your data or online activities won’t get revealed. Isn’t this amazing?



ExpressVPN is available across 160 locations in 94 countries. It offers unlimited bandwidth, covering 3,000 servers globally. Its Lightway UDP, Lightway TCP, OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, and IKEV2 features are available across all 94 countries. Whereas, L2TP/IPSEC is available in only 28 countries.

ExpressVPN works on the following operating systems and devices:

  • Windows,
  • Mac,
  • Android (phones and tablets),
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod),
  • Linux,
  • Chromebook,
  • Amazon Kindle Fire, and
  • Windows Phone.

Whereas, the VPN covers the following routers:

  • Asus,
  • D-Link,
  • DD-WRT,
  • Linksys,
  • Netduma,
  • Sabai,
  • Tomato, and
  • TP-LINK.

And, the network-assisted storage is available with:

  • QNAP, and
  • Synology.


Speed is the pivotal feature for any VPN. ExpressVPN provides fast speed and you won’t notice much of a slowdown. It’s among the fastest VPNs in the game. That’s mainly due to its proprietary Lightway protocol. What makes this VPN unique is that the company decided to go its route and create an all-new VPN protocol – Lightway protocol. An additional factor this protocol adds to your system is the fast switching between wi-fi and mobile networks. And, that too, with strong security.

We would recommend if you want a faster experience using ExpressVPN, try using the Lightway protocol. That’s the best way to maximize speed using this virtual private network. Across all locations, the VPN download speed averaged 135 Mbps. Moreover, streaming videos and playing online games, the VPN’s speed didn’t make any difference.

ExpressVPN Smart Location automatically picks the best VPN server location. It provides users the best gateway to explore the internet and all its content securely and at blazing-fast speed.



Customer support is an essential consideration when you choose a VPN. ExpressVPN seems to provide exceptional customer service along with living chat features. Overall, reviews mentioned on the website show that the customers are quite satisfied with customer support. With a live chat option available 24/7, you can also resolve your queries through emails. From asking basic questions to technical issues, the team is always there to provide swift and easy-to-understand information.



ExpressVPN is pricey as compared to other VPN service providers. However, regular users of the VPN say that you get what you pay for. The VPN comes with three subscription plans.

  • One-month subscription plan for $12.95.
  • Six-month subscription plan for $9.99.
  • One-year subscription plan for $67 (discount price). Billed $99.95 for the first 15 months, and every 12 months thereafter. The current offer comes with 3 months free.

When it comes to online payment, the company provides the following gateways for payment:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Other online payment methods.

If you are not convinced with the VPN services, you can refund your money. ExpressVPN comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee. But there won’t be any refund if you have made a payment by bitcoin or iTune.

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