Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection Ratings

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General overview

Kaspersky VPN is the subsidiary product of the Russian tech giant Kaspersky Lab. The company was established in 1997; since then, it has emerged as a strong cybersecurity brand. The company offers several other products, including parental controls, anti-virus, password manager, and more.

The VPN possesses 2000+ servers in 30+ countries. Thus, it is a fast and consistent VPN service for streaming or torrenting. It unblocks several significant platforms, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. The service isn’t above-par for security features. It only comes with the kill switch and other proprietary protocols.

Kaspersky has been named the fastest VPN service in 2019 and 2020. However, it still outperforms one of the industry leaders for extraordinary speeds. The VPN covers essential platforms like Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android and has an easy-to-use interface across all networks. Moreover, Kaspersky lets you simultaneously enjoy the service on up to 5 devices.

Score 5.0


Security measures are the main priority among any VPN user. It would still be considered an unreliable VPN service if the VPN lacks basic security features or protocols but provides other benefits and features.

Unfortunately, Kaspersky doesn’t meet basic security standards. It doesn’t provide any industry-standard protocol like OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, or WireGuard. Instead, it uses Catapult Hydra Protocol which isn’t the most secure and had severe flaws exposed in the past. The VPN uses the most delicate encryption of the AES-256 cypher and doesn’t leak any IP and DNS data.

Overall, Kaspersky covers the basics; It needs to improve its privacy-enhancing portfolio to compete among the top-tier VPNs. Though, the VPN lacks many advanced features, which are disappointing. It only has a kill-switch feature which is considered essential.

Score 9.4


The VPN doesn’t come with lots of bells and whistles; however, its speeds are just exceptional. It provides breakneck speeds on both short and distant servers. Kaspersky outperforms many top-notch VPNs in the market.

Kaspersky, on average, drops about 1% speed when connected to nearby servers, which is ideal for streaming or torrenting. The VPN is also reliable for gaming activities as it records below 10ms ping time. On the other hand, long-distance speeds are also powerful. The service drops only 20% to 25% speeds when connected to far-away servers. However, latency suffers long distances. Hence, only nearby servers are recommended for gaming.

The VPN has extended its speed game in recent years. After being named the fastest VPN service in 2019 and 2020, Kaspersky is a reliable choice speed-wise.

Score 6.5


Kaspersky VPN has an extensive server network of 2000+ servers in 30+ countries. Most servers are in Europe, North America, and East Asia. In comparison, none of the servers is available in Africa, Oceania, and South America. Despite having a server network of 30+ countries, Kaspersky doesn’t provide any city-level choice for the servers.

Kaspersky proves to be a reliable choice for streaming content. It unblocks all famous platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. Subsequently, VPN’s fast speeds make VPN more useful for quality streaming.

The essential kill switch feature and fast speeds make Kaspersky a vital option for torrenting. Additionally, the VPN allows P2P activities on all of its servers. Though, its invasive logging policy and lack of advanced features might be a red flag for torrent users.

Score 6.3


Kaspersky isn’t just up to scratch for adequate customer support. It doesn’t provide a live chat option, which is considered an essential and practical support option. However, there are various other options, including a Knowledgebase, FAQs option, an Online Ticketing System, Forums, and Tutorials.

The VPN has a comprehensive knowledge base that is challenging to understand. It is more confusing rather than helpful in most cases. Also, the ticket support lacks efficiency and responds more later than expected. However, Kaspersky’s FAQs option and video tutorials are pretty helpful. You can reach out to find the answers for most faced problems as well as detailed How-to video tutorials in the latter option.

Score 6.5


Kaspersky is a relatively cheap VPN service, especially on longer subscriptions. The VPN offers a Free and Paid version. The free version limits you to 200mbs daily and allows you to connect to the closest servers only. At the same time, the paid version provides every feature or benefit available. The paid version also comes with two pricing plans: Monthly and Annually.

Here is the pricing plan of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection:

  • 1-Month plan costs $5.49/per month
  • 1-Year plan costs $31.99 every year

Payment Methods

Kaspersky provides traditional and limited payment options for customers. These include:

  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Master Card, and American Express)
  • Bank/Wire transfer

Refund Policy

Kaspersky follows the classic 30-day money-back policy. You can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing via VPN’s official website.

Company Information

  • Company name: Kaspersky Lab
  • Company incorporation country: Russia
  • Years in market: 25
  • No-logs: Yes

Overview - Conclusion

Kaspersky VPN offers a decent value-for-money VPN service. The service ticks all the boxes, whether fast speeds or high-quality streaming. However, its logging policy isn’t trustable and lacks many vital features.