Mozilla VPN Ratings

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General overview

The Mozilla VPN is a standard VPN service owned by Mozilla, famous for inventing the browser Firefox. The VPN was founded in 2020 and had its roots based in the US (Five eyes jurisdiction). It provides breakneck speeds and privacy features to mask the user’s IP address, hide location and encrypt the network activity. The VPN has easy to use interface. You will get clear options for almost everything, and the app looks virtually identical across every platform.

Moreover, the VPN is a horrible choice for streaming. It only unblocks Netflix libraries, but you might run out of luck beyond Netflix. You can download and install the Mozilla VPN on the most popular computer networks and operating systems. It includes Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. The VPN is also compatible with five devices and offers unlimited bandwidth

Score 9.0


Despite offering limited features, Mozilla VPN is a perfectly safe and secure service. It provides enough security features to conceal customers’ activity. The VPN is immune to all DNS and IP leaks. If your VPN connection drops, it gives a Kill-switch feature to hide the data from your ISP. There’s no protocol selection procedure in the Mozilla VPN.

Although, the WireGuard is the only available protocol on all platforms, which is the most advanced and fast. So, there isn’t any reason to complain. The VPN uses ChaCha20 encryption, which is not the advanced one like the AES-256. Talking about the advanced features, the VPN uses an Ad-blocker, a Double VPN feature, and a Split-Tunneling part. Overall, Mozilla VPN offers a safe and secure service to its customers.

Score 9.5


Speed is one of the vital aspects of any VPN. If the speed is slow, it might dissatisfy the customers to go for any high-end VPN service. Fortunately, that makes the Mozilla VPN one of the most reliable in the market. Mozilla VPN will likely record excellent download and upload speeds from anywhere worldwide. When connected to local servers, the VPN drops only 5% to 8% – which is quite impressive. Local upload speeds are also fast, dropping only 4% to 6%.

With WireGuard, the VPN records breakneck speeds for both downloading and uploading on distant servers. Overall, the Mozilla VPN is the most reliable regarding speeds.


Score 7.5


The VPN uses two services for the global server network. The paid version uses the Mullvad VPN service, which uses the WireGuard VPN standard. In contrast, the free version uses the American Cloudflare service. Using either of the servers, the VPN offers 400+ servers in 30+ countries. Most of the servers are in the US and a large part of Europe.

Mozilla VPN isn’t ideal for streaming purposes. It only unblocks Netflix libraries, though it works inconsistently. Mullvad owns 20% of the servers of the Mozilla VPN. It means that Mozilla VPN enjoys all the same strengths and suffers the same weakness as Mullvad. Therefore, Mullvad VPN is horrible for streaming, and Mozilla doesn’t seem apart from it.

Torrenting on Mozilla VPN is just a great choice. The VPN supports dedicated P2P traffic and has an automatic kill switch. However, it doesn’t provide any advanced privacy features necessary for torrenting, like port-forwarding. So, it won’t be an ideal experience using the Mozilla VPN for torrenting – if security is your primary concern.

Score 8.0


Mozilla VPN’s customer support easily meets our expectations. Although, it doesn’t provide 24/7 live chat support. Still, it offers various helping materials for customers’ queries and knowledge. The service provider provides a knowledge base (includes setup guides, troubleshooting options, payments, and accounts), FAQs option, and email ticketing support. The VPN’s customer support is knowledgeable and efficient. However, the live chat option would have been vital for the customers’ help.

Score 5.9


Mozilla VPN is available only in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

The VPN offers three subscription plans for its customers:

  • 1-Month plan costs $9.99/per month
  • 12-Months plan costs $4.99/per month; billed $59.88 every 12 months
  • 6-Months plan costs $7.99/per month; billed $47.94 every six months

Refund Policy

After subscribing to Mozilla VPN, If you cancel your subscription/account within the first 30-days. Then you can request a refund from the company. Mozilla will refund your money without any questions asked.

Payment Methods

Mozilla VPN accepts the following payment methods:

  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Master Card
  • Visa

Company Information

  • Company name: Mozilla
  • Company incorporation country: United States
  • Years in market: 2
  • No-logs: Yes

Overview - Conclusion

Mozilla VPN is a quick and easy-to-use VPN. A good VPN service but limited streaming and unavailability in many countries is causing the VPN to hold back high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Mozilla VPN safe?

Yes, Mozilla VPN is a perfectly safe and secure service. It provides enough security features to conceal customers’ activity.

2. Is Mozilla VPN secure?

Yes, Mozilla VPN is secure because it uses essential features like a kill switch, a Double VPN feature, and Split-Tunneling. Also, the VPN uses ChaCha20 encryption and prevents all kinds of DNS and IP leaks.

3. Is Mozilla VPN worth it?

Mozilla VPN is a quick and easy-to-use VPN. It provides reliable security features and has above-par speeds for downloading and uploading files. However, the VPN isn’t available for individuals outside Europe and the US.

4. Does Mozilla VPN cost?

Yes, Mozilla VPN is a paid VPN service and comes with the following subscription plans:

  • 1-Month plan costs $9.99/per month
  • 12-Months plan costs $4.99/per month; billed $59.88 every 12 months
  • 6-Months plan costs $7.99/per month; billed $47.94 every six months
5. Does Mozilla VPN keep logs?

No, Mozilla VPN doesn’t collect personal logs. However, its US jurisdiction isn’t ideal for privacy, but it’s unlikely you’ll need to worry about it.

6. Does Mozilla VPN work with other Browsers?

You can only download and install Mozilla VPN on the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. There are no browser extensions available for Mozilla VPN.

7. Does Mozilla VPN work with Chrome?

No, Mozilla VPN doesn’t work with Chrome or even Firefox, a browser made by Mozilla itself.

8. Does Mozilla VPN have a Kill Switch?

Yes, Mozilla VPN does include a Kill Switch which is automatically and permanently activated on all platforms and works.

9. Does Mozilla have a Free VPN?

No, there isn’t any free version of Mozilla. It only deals in premium plans.

10. Is Mozilla VPN good for Torrenting?

The VPN is a fine choice for torrenting. It has a working kill switch, great no-logs policy and allows P2P traffic on all servers.