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General overview

Trust.Zone is a trustable VPN service focused only on the privacy and security of the users. The VPN provides robust security protocols to maintain users’ anonymity. It launched its services in 2014 in a privacy heaven country called Seychelles. Hence, it gives a solid no-logs policy. The VPN provides quick enough speeds on both nearby and long-distance routes. The server network is relatively small, having 180 servers in 90 locations across the globe. However, city-level servers also help select specific areas, resulting in equal and fast performance.

Trust.Zone is unreliable for streaming purposes. It only unblocks US Netflix and fails to stream any other platform. On the contrary, torrenting is allowed but is not the best service. You have to pay extra charges for the Port-forwarding feature. Also, it provides average torrenting speeds. Trust.Zone can be used on various operating systems like IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Additionally, you can enjoy Trust.Zone service on up to 5 devices simultaneously

Score 6.7


Trust.Zone keenly focuses on providing reliable security features and protocols to its users. The service uses OpenVPN functionality and other safety protocols like IKEv2/IPSec and L2TP/IPSec to protect from third parties. The VPN has various encryption standards like AES-256-CBC cypher, SHA256 authentication, RSA-4096 handshake, and a 128-bit hash algorithm. Combined with these protocols, your data would be impossible to hack.

Moreover, Trust.Zone includes built-in DNS leak protection and a kill-switch feature to protect your data from any leaks. This essential feature protects your data from any leaks If your connection drops. Unfortunately, a kill switch isn’t available for Android.

Trust.Zone is a mediocre VPN service that doesn’t provide advanced security features like Split-Tunneling, StealthVPN, or Tor over VPN features. Port-forwarding is, however, included but requires extra charges.


Score 7.7


Trust.Zone provides super-fast speeds on local servers, While long-distance speeds are also respectable. On average, you may experience only a 10% to 15% speed drop on nearby servers, which is extremely fast. You can quickly perform day-to-day activities like streaming or browsing through this type of speed. Many VPNs suffer when it comes to long-distance speeds—however, Trust.Zone is still quick enough to fill the gap. Technically, the VPN drops only 25% to 30% when downloading on distant servers while suffering a bit high when uploading. Thus, Trust.Zone is a considerable option to buy If speeds are your main priority.

Score 7.5


Trust.Zone’s server network is nowhere near the top-tier VPNs in the market. According to the provider’s website, only 180 servers are operating in 97 locations across the globe. Max number of servers is located in Europe, while other continents also provide few servers in some countries.

Trust.Zone unlocks Netflix libraries only and fails to unblock any other platform. Additionally, the VPN offers optimised servers for streaming but doesn’t always work.

Trust.Zone is a good VPN for torrenting but not the handiest. It records average P2P speeds and requires extra charges for the port-forwarding feature. Also, the absence of a kill switch on Android devices makes the VPN an underwhelming choice for torrenting.

Score 6.4


Trust.Zone has a run-of-the-mill support system. It offers a FAQ option to address the most faced problems faced by users. A troubleshooting guide containing detailed information about every issue and precaution. The service also offers a Manual which includes setup, installation, and management tutorials. However, live chat support isn’t available, which is frustrating as nobody wants to wait around. Instead, you can contact Email support through the ticketing system. Trust.Zone’s after-sales service isn’t user-friendly but eventually proves to be informative.

Score 7.0


Trust.Zone is a pocket-friendly VPN service. It offers a paid plan as well as and free test. The premium plan is delightful; it offers low prices and comes in three variants. The free plan comes with 1GB data transfer, one simultaneous connection, and server access to 153 locations. However, you can use the free trial for three days after registration.

  • 1-Month plan costs $8.88/per month
  • 2-Years plan costs $2.33/per month; billed $55.99 for two years
  • 1-Year plan costs $3.33/per month; billed $39.95 every year

You can also avail of extra features like Port-Forwarding, three simultaneous connections, and static IP addresses for additional charges: $0.99 and $0.79 per month, respectively.

Refund Policy

Trust.Zone’s refund policy is quite disappointing. Firstly, you can ask for money-back within the 10-days after the payment, which is below the industry standard. Also, you can ask for a refund only If you have used a minimum of 1GB of data. The VPN doesn’t give you any tool to measure your data use; thus, its refund policy isn’t dependable.

Payment Methods

The VPN offers the following payment methods to its customers:

  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Verge, Emercoin, Tether, and Cloackcoin)
  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, and Discover)
  • PayPro Global (Bank Transfer, Alipay, WebMoney, and more)

Company Information

  • Company name: Trust.Zone
  • Company incorporation country: Seychelles
  • Years in market: 8
  • No-logs: Yes

Overview - Conclusion

Trust.Zone is one of the cheap VPNs that perform well. The service is suitable for privacy-focused individuals and accepts cryptocurrencies. However, If you prefer many bells and whistles, you should choose another alternative.