Updated July 23, 2022

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  • Enhanced privacy features
  • Compatible with 8 devices
  • Economical service
  • Accepts crypto payments

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Amazon Prime Video Disney HBO Max Netflix
Overall Rank 6
Money-back Guarantee 30-days
Setup time 15 minutes
Device count per license 8
Mobile apps Android, iOS & Windows
Best price $3.21
Overall Score 7.5

VPNArea Ratings


General overview

VPNArea is a Bulgaria-based VPN provider founded in 2012. It provides notable speeds in comparison to other VPNs. The VPN offers dedicated IPs which means you can have specialized servers for torrenting. VPNArea has X-tunnel servers in many locations, which will disguise your connection as HTTPS traffic and allow you to bypass state censorship. They are exclusively created to access restricted locations in China, Japan, and Singapore. The service provider hasn’t stated the exact number of servers. Notably, the VPN is available in 100+ locations in 55+ countries.

VPNArea gives you access to several Netflix libraries with its dedicated servers. It also works well with Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney+. It can be connected to 8 devices simultaneously and has apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, as well as internet routers. Moreover, when it comes to pricing, the VPNArea is one of the cheapest VPNs in the market.

Below is the detailed review of the VPNArea:


Operating System Android Chrome Ios Mac OS Windows
Simulaneous Connections 8
Protocols AES 256-bit encryption, IKEv2/IPsec, Kill-switch, OpenVPN, Port Forwarding, StealthVPN
Logs Policy
Works With Amazon Prime Video Disney HBO Max Netflix
Payment Methods Bitcoin Credit Card Paypal
Money Back Guarantee

Company Information

Company name: VPNArea
Company incorporation country: Bulgaria
Years in market: 10
No-logs: Yes

Overview - Conclusion

high-quality The VPNArea is ideal for the people who are mostly privacy savvier and require fast speeds. It can unblock many streaming sites and allows torrenting in the most budget-friendly price. high-quality


The VPNArea is one of the safest VPNs. It will keep your identity secure throughout your online journey. The VPN uses some astounding privacy-enhancing features like OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and IKEv2/IPSec protocols. You can also connect using a double-hop feature, which we rarely see from a VPN of this size. The VPN also comes with military-grade AES-256 encryption and built-in AdBlocker, Dedicated IP, and Double VPN feature. Moreover, the VPNArea is clean from any DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks. VPNArea also includes advanced security features like a kill-switch, which protects you from any potential connection drops, and a Port-forwarding feature. Besides the service uses StealthVPN which helps in bypassing censorships in China, the Middle East, and other restricted locations.



The VPNArea is above par when considering its speeds. Usually, speed depends on various factors such as server distance, level of encryption, quality of the network, and internet speed. But with the VPNArea, you might experience pretty fast speeds on both local and international servers.

The service provider also informs you with details on server distances, the expected loss in speed, and the ping speed. That shows the level of transparency between the service and its customers. Using the OpenVPN protocol might result in slower speeds. Moreover, their latest versions support the IKEv2 protocol which is thought to be swift. Although, the latest fast protocol is WireGuard which is unfortunately not supported by the VPNArea.



The VPNArea has its servers far-flung to 100+ locations in 55 countries. It offers a great variety, with dedicated servers for streaming and bypassing censorship. Moreover, most of the servers are in Europe and North America whereas a sprinkle of servers is located in Asia and Africa. The service also has X-Tunnel VPN servers in many locations, which will disguise your connection as HTTPS traffic and allow you to bypass state censorship.

The VPN also gives you access to several Netflix libraries with its dedicated servers. It also unblocks other streaming sites like Amazon Prime, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and Disney+.

Considering the torrenting, the VPN has all those necessary features required for secure and smooth torrenting. It allows torrenting on its 109 servers. The VPN also has strong AES-256 encryption, port-forwarding feature and kill-switch which supports in P2P server torrenting.



The VPNArea customers have a variety of communication and customer support channels. They include 24/7 customer support. You can reach for any help on their website at the bottom-right corner. They also provide online resources and FAQ options for any queries. Overall, the customer support of the VPNArea is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.



The VPN service comes with three subscription plans. Its one-month plan is a bit costly ($9.90) but it can be covered up by purchasing a two-year plan, saving you 67%. All subscription plans are:

  • 1-Month plan costs $9.90/per month
  • 2-Year plan costs $3.21/per month; Billed $77 once
  • 12-Months plan costs $4.13/per month; Billed $49.56 every 12 months

Refund Policy

All subscription plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Payment Methods

VPNArea allows various modes of payments:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Alipay and others

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