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Watch episodes of 'All of us are dead' in HD for free!

As the popularity of Korean drama is increasing worldwide, the Netflix produced “all of us are dead” is the latest installation towards the platform’s effort to attract the audience’s viewership. 

The series screenplays from the All of us are dead webtoon that illustrates the dystopian landscape of a zombie apocalypse, depicting the survival and story of a bunch of Korean high school students who are bounded and trapped on their campus, finding tricks and ways to escape. 

Series insights

Released in January 2022, Kim Sun-woong has done a brilliant job at recreating and illustrating a zombie genre that is fairly new to the Korean atmosphere. Another reason for the success of all of us are dead is the ensemble star cast of Park Ji-Hu, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon and Yoo In-soo, who, with their stunning performance, have made director Lee JQ the proudest. 

The series touches on the deeper and darker themes of the horror and thriller genre, where the audience is always on the verge of their seats with fear of death, and the brawl for life and survival keeps on looming on a threat of uncertainty. Life lessons on bullying, social isolation and student life stress further engrave the “all of us are dead” storyline in the audience’s minds.

Paid Streaming 


The series is gaining global popularity faster than any Netflix originals as a year into the release of all of us are dead, sitting at 11th position on Netflix’s list of most watched TV shows revving the pan pacific and Asian audiences to further associate the series storyline as a perspective into the post-pandemic inequality in wealth distribution. 

Looking at the huge successful outcome of the initial season, Netflix, on 6th June 2022, announced all of us are dead season 2 where the students of Hyosan High coming back to fight the new generation z zombies into stretching the lore into the subscriber’s memories. 

To enjoy all of us are dead and other series and movies on Netflix, the audience could choose from four different subscription packs starting- 

  • Mobile pack with one device allowance, fully ad free and unlimited content streaming at just $6.99 a month
  • The basic pack provides the same features but with HD quality, available at $9.99 a month
  • The standard and premium subscription packs give full HD and Ultra HD with up to 2 and 6 devices support, respectively, over a monthly cost of Standard: $15.49 and Premium: $19.99 

Free Streaming 


Dramacool is the finest website to visit if you want to watch and download free Korean dramas like All of us are dead. It offers a collection of all the content from the past.

Because of the extensive genre distribution and simple “Filter” option, the user can locate drama material in minutes. Nevertheless, all of the content is of great quality, with a resolution of 240p 1080p. The only disadvantage is the unflattering UI with limited advertising.


To watch all of us are dead, Soap2day is the perfect destination for watching not just Asian dramas and movies but also stuff from other nations. The site is often updated with content descriptions and offers free content the audience may need help finding on Netflix.

The concurrent season may be accessed in one location, making it easier for fans to locate everything in one place. Being a free website, Soap2day has the disadvantage of redirection but less advertising.

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