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Are there any traditions associated with Wimbledon?
What surface is used at Wimbledon?
What is the prize money for winning Wimbledon?
Are there any restrictions on what spectators can bring to Wimbledon?
What is the Wimbledon trophy called?
What is the qualifying tournament for Wimbledon?
What is the longest match in Wimbledon history?
What happens if it rains at Wimbledon?

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Wimbledon live 2023

Wimbledon live 2023: Complete Streaming Guide

Wimbledon is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournaments. Held annually in the suburb of Wimbledon, London, the event is the third Grand Slam tournament of the year and is widely considered the most traditional and iconic tennis event. Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles are the competition’s five major events.

Still played on grass courts: Wimbledon

It is the only Grand Slam tournament still played on grass courts, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay. Over the years, Wimbledon has seen many legendary players grace its court; players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Martina Navratilova have all left their mark on the tournament. Apart from the players, Wimbledon is also famous for its traditions and customs. For example, players must adhere to a strict dress code, which includes wearing all white during matches. The tournament is known for its strawberries and cream, popular snacks thousands of spectators consume yearly.

Despite its popularity and prestige, Wimbledon has not been immune to controversies. In 2019, the tournament was criticized for not scheduling any matches in the middle of Sunday, a tradition that had been in place for decades. The decision was made due to the increased demand for TV coverage, but many fans were disappointed, feeling that the tournament needed to catch up with its roots. 

Paid Broadcasters to watch Wimbledon Live 

The tournament is broadcast globally, and various companies, including traditional broadcasters and streaming services, purchase the rights to televise the event.

In the UK, Wimbledon is broadcast by the BBC, which provides comprehensive coverage of the event across its TV, radio, and online platforms. The BBC has been the official broadcaster of Wimbledon since 1937, and it is one of the most-watched sporting events of the year in the UK.

In the United States, ESPN has the exclusive rights to broadcast Wimbledon, with coverage airing on its cable and streaming platforms. The network provides an extensive range of the tournament, with matches shown across ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN+.

In Canada, the tournament is broadcast by TSN, with matches shown on its TV channels and streaming platforms. In Australia, Wimbledon is shown on the Seven Network, while France, coverage is provided by France Televisions.

In addition to these broadcasters, fans can watch Wimbledon through several streaming services. For example, in the UK, fans can watch the tournament on the BBC iPlayer, while in the United States, matches are available on the ESPN app and ESPN+.

Free Streaming Guide to watching Wimbledon 2023 live:


In Australia, Channel 9 has free-to-air broadcasting rights for Wimbledon. Viewers can access 9Now on the web or iOS and Android mobile apps.

Sling TV

The most affordable way to watch a Wimbledon live stream is through Sling TV. Through its app, a three-day free trial is accessible. ESPN is included in the “Sling Orange” plan’s entry-level package, but you must purchase the “Sports Extra” package (11 USD/month) also to receive ESPN and ESPN2. To subscribe, you need a credit card issued in the US or PayPal.

YouTube TV

All the stations you need to watch Wimbledon live broadcasts are available on YouTube TV.

DirecTV Stream

The Wimbledon final will be streamed live on all ESPN channels as part of the “Choice” package on the well-liked sports streaming service DirecTV Stream. There is a free trial period of five days.

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