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The debate on one’s right to privacy and the necessary monitoring of online activities to reduce the rates of cybercrimes is a long-standing one. However, most people are of the view that it is an unjust compromise. Giving up privacy oneself for whatever reason maybe is a regressive idea. There are personal chats, banking details, and passwords to important roll numbers for exams that people store on their computers or via cloud storage.

With the increased monitoring of individual internet activity, it is common sense that people are choosing to hide from the state’s unjust regulation. This is where VPNs or Virtual Private Network comes in. As the name suggests such network connections are private in nature meaning no one can track them. There could indeed be cybercriminals tracking the activities of individuals. VPN restricts that. At the same time, it also restricts the safety monitoring that is done by the state. Both ways, a VPN will keep you protected.


However, there are several VPN service providers out on the Internet. They have their own Unique Selling Propositions (USPs). As such, choosing one among so many alluring options can be a headache. And, that is where we come in. VPNGuider has only been an active website for a few years. But in them, we have already reviewed over 70 VPN services.

Our reviews are unique in the sense that they are written from the point of view of a user rather than an expert. Our qualified staff of technical writers and cyber experts use these services themselves before writing down a user review.

Such reviews help our audience to choose the best service provider that fits best into their own use-case scenarios.
Apart from these user reviews, our team of experts is equipped with the necessary skills to provide you with Comparisons between popular VPN operators.

We also upload guides that help people understand their needs better. These guides also come in form of informative blogs that help our audience stay a step ahead of others in this intertwined world of networking. Lastly, we also publish the latest news from the world of Internet and cyber security. We are your one-stop destination for all your cyber-security needs, especially all things VPN.