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How Much Commission does Receive?


Commissions received by varies based on the VPN product purchased by our visitors. The affiliate links are the ones that appear on our list of product reviews. These guide users to a purchase page. So, wherever a purchase of any VPN is made, it will give us a certain percentage as commission. Lastly, the commission earned by is based upon the price of that particular VPN product purchased.


Work Ethics of has only been active as a website for a few years. But in them, we have already successfully reviewed over 70 VPN services.

Our reviews are unique because they are written from the point of view of a user rather than an expert. Our qualified staff of technical writers and cyber experts use these services themselves before penning down a user review. Such reviews help our audience to choose the best service provider that fits best into their daily use-case scenarios.

Apart from these user reviews, our team of experts is also equipped with the necessary skills to provide you with Comparisons between popular VPN operators. We also upload guides that help our visitors understand their needs better. These guides also come in form of informative blogs. These help our audience stay a step ahead of others in this intertwined world of networking.


What are Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Links?


Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing, where businesses give commissions to one or more affiliates for every customer brought through their efforts.

When Affiliate Marketing is done online through websites, we use Affiliate links. Generally, affiliate marketers sign up with their choice of an affiliate program. And, they promote the affiliate products on their website.  Once the sale is made, they receive a certain amount of commission on every purchase made through it.

It’s one of the marketing related practices where websites linked with an affiliate marketing program of a company gets a specific amount of commission in return for getting them a customer for their service or product through the traffic they get on the website.