Best TOR Alternative For Anonymous Browsing

by VPN Guider

January 18, 2023

What are anonymous browsers or TOR Alternative browsers?

Everyone is fairly familiar with browsing, given that we live in the digital age and more than half the information known to man is available on the internet, we all know how to browse and explore the internet.  With the advent of new technology, we are being introduced to newer software and systems that provide us with more access and information than ever before each passing day.

TOR Browser

Best TOR Alternative For Anonymous Browsing

The increase in the need for anonymity has sprung into the spotlight one of the old favorites for users who needed to retain their identity on the internet, TOR.

Tor has become extremely popular in recent times, mostly for the right reasons, but never only for the right reasons. With the impression and reputation that tor has garnered we want to share alternatives to tor for the users out there who desire and prefer anonymity and privacy on the internet the most.

Tor alternative options are rising in demand as users want to use other websites that do not have a big name and reputation in hopes of staying under the radar under the umbrella of smaller sites.


1. What VPN could I use instead of a TOR Alternative?
You can try Express VPN, Nord VPN, Cyber ghost, or Norton as well if you do not want a dedicated anonymous browser or TOR Alternative.
2. Does a VPN do the same things as a TOR Alternative?
In most cases, yes it does, as both of them provide privacy and prioritize the user's data safety.
3. What uses does an anonymous browser expand/?
There are several uses for an anonymous browser, including Protecting your online privacy; Accessing content that may be blocked or censored; Conducting research or investigations; Protecting sensitive information; Avoiding online surveillance. An anonymous browser can be useful for anyone who wants to protect their online privacy and security. Using an anonymous browser alongside other privacy and security measures is important.
4. What is the history of anonymous browsers?
Anonymous browsers have a relatively short history, dating back to the early 2000s. The first anonymous browser, Tor, was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laborators.It became widely available as a tool for anonymous browsing. The development of anonymous browsing was driven by concerns about online privacy and growing recognition of the risks associated with online tracking and surveillance. Several anonymous browsers are available, each with unique features and benefits.
5. How can I use an anonymous browser?
Using an anonymous browser is relatively straightforward. Here are some general steps: Choose an anonymous browser; Install and open the browser; Start browsing; Take additional privacy measures; Close the browser.
6. What is the best anonymous browser of all time?
One popular anonymous browser is the Tor Browser. It is a free, open-source browser that uses the Tor network to encrypt your online activity. The Tor network routes your internet traffic through multiple servers. Brave Browser is a privacy-focused browser with built-in ad and tracker-blocking features and the ability to use Tor as a private window browsing.
7. Can I be under threat for using an anonymous browser?
Using an anonymous browser alone does not necessarily put you under direct threat. However, it's important to remember that using an anonymous browser does not make you completely anonymous or untraceable online. Your internet service provider (ISP) can still track and share your activity with third parties. Overall, using an anonymous browser can protect your online privacy. Still, it's important to use it alongside other privacy tools and practices and to be aware of the potential risks and limitations.

Anonymous Browsers & TOR alternative

TOR Browser

  1.       Epic browser – a bit different from the common dark web browsers in some ways. It does not use a specialized onion network, but automatically plugs any and every common way the user’s privacy is compromised while they surf the web. It also deletes any associated databases automatically, along with any preferences and cookie/pepper data that the user may encounter along the way. It also protects the users from malware and spam which is often one corner away, or in this case, one page away, from the user while they browse online. It would not be a stretch to recommend it as tor alternative browser.
  2.       SRWare iron – any chrome user who is familiar with code and programming will also be familiar with SRware Iron. It is a tor alternative and like tor in its infancy was based on an open-source project in Chromium. The main and probably the biggest difference between chrome and srware iron is data protection. Unlike google chrome, which receives a ping whenever we start a session, and the designated unique user ID is activated, chrome starts storing the data while we are active. SRWare Iron strips the usage of data along with the user ID preventing any data collection and ensuring the privacy of the users who are using the browser.
  3.       Comodo Dragon – although it Is not the best alternative to tor browser, it has the perks that make it worthwhile to use and the browsing experience a lot safer. It has many built-in functions that users like and many functions that users do not even know they want or need till they explore it. It has an automatic built-in function that blocks all tracking software as well as cookies and spies on the web. With a built-in domain validation technology, it will segregate the strong and weak SSL certificates in an instant. It uses the comodo antivirus suite to protect the users from malware and spamware which threaten any user on the web.
  4.       DuckDuckGo – one of the more famous and well-known alternative tor browsers, duckduckgo is also one of the oldest browsers in the industry. It is also one of the oldest browsers to provide the user with the anonymity feature from quite an early time. It has a privacy-first motto, that makes it so desirable amongst users and also attracts users who will use it for the long run and not just as a stopgap since they are looking for features and facilities not many other browsers can offer.

One last shout goes to brave. I am a personal user of the Brave browser, and I have never felt a more seamless experience in an extremely long time since I got online. With ad blockers, also blocks any YouTube ads that you may have encountered on chrome or other browsers.

It is also available on the windows store which makes it highly trustworthy, unlike some browsers that can only be downloaded off of their website. It may not be a direct tor alternative, but it is on par with some of the abovementioned ones.

  • Excellent security & privacy features
  • Works with Netflix, Hulu & all other streaming sites
  • Fast connection speeds in every location
  • Intuitive apps for every platform
  • IP addresses in 94 countries

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You have to understand what draws you to choosing an anonymous browser or TOR Alternative. A VPN performs almost all of the functions that an anonymous browser will perform, perhaps they perform even more than the browsers. If you are solely and primarily browsing through your desktop, Laptop, or a PC setup, going for an anonymous browser makes sense.

As you do not use your mobile browser that often, and you desire and demand the extra privacy and protection in comparison to other browsers, and a VPN plan for a single system does not sound feasible if you aren’t going to share it with others. Unless you are only going to use your desktop, we highly recommend looking for a VPN instead as it might do a better job than you could expect.