How to watch LaLiga Live without Cable?

by VPN Guider

January 24, 2023

The people who follow and watch LaLiga have depleted quite a bit since Cristiano Ronaldo and the world cup winner Leo Messi left the league in 2018 and 2021respectively. From being the second most popular league in Europe and the entire world, they have relegated quite a bit in terms of their global fan following and their reputation as the league that attracted the superstars of the game.

Which fans watch LaLiga?

But it should not be taken for granted that people do not watch LaLiga games anymore. It is still part of the top 5 leagues in football around the globe and is still fighting to maintain its position in the top three of those categories. They still have the biggest clubs in the game fighting it out for the title Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Fans of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will continue to follow their clubs with all their passion vehemently as is common among any fans of those two clubs, and they will want to watch LaLiga games of their clubs any chance they get. They may have lost their best player and their leader on the pitch, but they have known it for long enough after supporting their club, someone will step up and take command and responsibility like their predecessors as they lead their club to new heights and glorious wins.

How to watch LaLiga without cable?

Watch LaLiga

With the subscription model taking over the world for almost every activity conceivable and believable, people do not wish to subscribe to their cable as well just to be able to watch football matches if there is a better alternative available. Many people search on their browsers as to how to watch LaLiga for free, or how to watch LaLiga in USA or India or UK, or the country they live in.

They will either have to subscribe to one of the broadcasting services to get the easiest and most convenient service possible or will have to find links or streams for the la Liga watch live. Friends sometimes even join in together to be able to share the subscription fee to be able to watch their team’s matches live and without much hassle since the cable era is in the past or is about to be if it was not already.

Broadcasting services

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to watch LaLiga matches live. Each country and region has its designated broadcaster which will be broadcasting matches in La Liga in that region and country along with the pre and post-match coverage of La Liga games as well. Broadcasting services are one of the most comprehensive coverage packages and options available to viewers in general but it always comes at a price which is the monthly subscription that needs to be paid. For those who are willing to pay for it for premium and good quality authentic streams, this is the way to go for them.

Free streaming sites

The second option for the users is to check out free streaming sites to watch LaLiga matches. There are many sites falling into this category that provide users with links to watch the matches on a third-party website or the stream itself on their website. Footy room is one such website along with live score TV. They do not charge the user anything financially but just advertisements, which for many of the viewers and users is a fair trade-off for something they may have had to pay a lot of money for via the official broadcasters’ packages.

Reddit Soccer Streams

It is linked to the Reddit streaming group and is part of the sister sites chain that aims to provide free links to streams and if possible, the live stream itself to its viewers and users. They have dedicated themselves to providing the viewers and users with the ability to watch LaLiga matches as well as matches of other competitions for free and without the need to pay anything for it.


Those who do not want to use cable, can simply acquire the La Liga package into their existing subscription models depending on the broadcaster and the options available. For those looking to utilize the free streams, using a VPN while browsing and streaming the La Liga matches for free is ideal and highly recommended to protect oneself from unwanted malware and viruses on the internet. A VPN will not only help them with protecting their streams but also their device while on the internet which may not be as safe as the network would be expected to be.