Top 3 best spoofing app for Pokemon Go

by VPN Guider

January 9, 2023

Spoofing app for pokemon go came into the spotlight back in 2016, which feels like yesterday. The charm and hype and the excitement of pokemon in the palm of your hands and the thrill of being able to catch them all, all of it added to the allure and amazing aura of Pokemon go.

To this day, it is one of the most consistently played games, as more and more generations are added and the mechanics are updated to fit the current environment. Some fans are more passionate than others, such that they are willing to go to lengths to ensure they can have all that is available to be had, and in certain cases, it means spoofing.

Pokemon Go and Spoofing

We want to share with those fans and others interested in the best spoofing apps for pokemon go. It is not recommended by the pokemon company or us, but we want to share those spoofing app for pokemon go that will help and work best for the users.

How to spoof Pokemon GO?

Spoofing pokemon go is not that easy, but it is not that hard either. There is a multitude of factors that are in play when it comes to changing one’s location to better navigate the pokemon go world. The following should be considered and adhered to when spoofing pokemon go –

  •       The user should have a VPN connection, free or premium to use alongside pokemon go and the GPS spoofing location app.
  •       The user should have a dedicated GPS spoofing location application.
  •       The user needs to connect their device to a VPN and then set the GPS spoofing location to the same region as that of the VPN, this will help mask the location in more than one way and make it easier for the user to not be highlighted.
  •       The user then should download the game and start playing and exploring the region using the spoofed location.
  •       If the user is caught or is suspected of spoofing or cheating, it can result in a ban of a week, possibly longer depending on the game’s decision.

Our recommendations for best spoofing apps for pokemon go


spoofing app for pokemon go

When it comes to the best spoofing app for pokemon go, Imovego is right near the top of the list if not at the top of the list. It is considered to be the best in both software sets and the most used and relied upon by android players as well as iOS players. Some of the best features of imove go are that it allows the user to teleport to a different location virtually with 1 click.

The user can spoof up to 5 devices simultaneously which makes group plays much better and easier. It also works well with location-based apps like Snapchat and others. There are also videos on youtube available where imovego has been used to explain how to spoof pokemon go and many tutorials are also available for the same.


1. What is Spoofing when it comes to pokemon go?
Spoofing means changing one’s location to that of a different location to access events and prizes exclusive to that region in pokemon go.
2. Is there any benefit to spoofing pokemon go with spoofing app for pokemon go?
If the user finds it worthy and is passionate about the game, he/she may see the benefit of spoofing using spoofing app for pokemon go that others may not, since it differs from player to player.
3. Do I need a dedicated spoofing app for pokemon go?
Spoofing app for pokemon go is not needed. But. is recommended to use a dedicated GPS spoofing app for pokemon go. Since, it adds a further layer of protection for the player which is never a bad thing.

Express VPN

Express VPN

It should come as no surprise that; a VPN is also an option to spoof pokemon go. The very essence of spoofing pokemon go is that the user wants to change their location to that of a different one to be able to access version-exclusive and location-exclusive Pokemon and items. To spoof pokemon go using express VPN, the user needs to download the VPN and in conjunction with it, they need a GPS spoofing app for pokemon go that has been set up properly.

The next step is to set the location on both the spoofing location app and express VPN to the same server region as it lowers the risk of being detected and banned by pokemon GO significantly. Once the user has followed the steps, they can launch the game and start playing.



It is one of the well-known spoofing app for pokemon go in the Reddit community surrounding spoofing pokemon go. It is also considered arguably the best ios spoofing app for pokemon go as well as the best android spoofing app for pokemon go. To use the GPS spoofing app the user needs to install itools on their device and launch it.

In the toolbox section, the user can navigate to a virtual location, and then input the location they want to set their device too. Once done, they can click go and then continue to launch pokemon go and enjoy the game at their convenience. The benefit of itools is that it also has a premium plan which allows the user to use the app from unlimited devices including the PC.

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One should not spoof pokemon go because any hint of corruption on the player’s end might end up resulting in a ban by the app. But if the players still want to take that risk and go on ahead to spoof the game to have a better experience that is more well-rounded and in tune with the rest of the world, we have shared some of the best spoofing app for pokemon go you can find for almost every device you may consider playing the game on.