Top 5 best free parental control apps for iPhone

by VPN Guider

December 23, 2022

The iPhone, famed for its security and ease of use, has become the first phone purchased by parents for their children. Kids may use the iPhone for a variety of purposes, including messaging and communicating with friends, playing games, and exploring the internet. However, certain items are improper or even deadly for your children. Parents must keep the activities of their children in check by using certain parental control apps on their phones.

Parental Control Apps

As a responsible parent, you must control your children’s activities. As a result, you will require iOS parental controls and the finest iPhone parental control software to safeguard your children from the perils of the internet.

Cyberbullying has been quite popular recently, and parents must safeguard their children from these threats. There is also a good potential that your children may come across anything inappropriate online, such as pornography, gambling, or drugs. Furthermore, many children are mistreated on the internet regularly. It is the sole responsibility of parents to keep their children safe. You will require parental control apps for this task.

Best free parental control apps for iPhone


parental control apps

The top parental control app for iPad and iPhone is FamiSafe iPhone parental control. This app has several features, like blocking harmful apps based on their age ratings. It contains several monitoring tools that allow parents to easily follow their children’s smartphone activity and keep them safe from harm.

Apart from that, it has seven built-in websites with various hazardous websites, which make it easy to keep your kids safe online and track the location history of the target devices to learn where your children have gone. These features make the app one of the best parental control apps for iPhone.



If you want the most fabulous iPhone-controlling app, mSpy is the way. You don’t need to install anything else on your child’s iPhone. It uses the iCloud ID from the target iOS device. You can track your child’s every move without their knowing. It is one of the best parental control apps for iPhone.

Multiple devices running various operating systems can be monitored with a single account. mSpy is a program that provides a significant quantity of unique capabilities you are looking for, from tracking messages to obtaining call updates and managing popular applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. It also allows you to block dubious contacts from your child’s mobile device for additional security.


1. What is the best free parental control app?
In 2022, Qustodio offers your phone the finest free package parental control app, with access to excellent web blocking, screen time tracking, time limitations and scheduling, and extensive activity reports. It can only monitor one device, but it can monitor many platforms.
2. Are the parental control apps completely free?
Several built-in parental control apps are free to use, but they typically lack many essential parental control functions and are very easy to circumvent.
3. Can I monitor my child's device with a parental controlling app?
Yes, you can monitor your children's gadgets using the free parental control apps recommended in this post.



Qustodio Parental Control Apps are set of simple program with several capabilities, but its main feature is the blocked call function. With a list of “Call Expectations,” you may quickly determine which numbers are appropriate for communicating with your children.

Qustodio is another free alternative, but it includes a Premium plan that makes it one of the most comprehensive parental control programs for iPhone you can discover, allowing you to have better control over your children’s activities across all devices.

This program can be installed secretly on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. You have complete control over everything from barring specific applications and websites to restricting when they may use it.



FlexiSpy may be the program you’re looking for because it can track your child’s text messages, including deleted ones, photographs, web surfing, phone logs, and location. It is a reliable and efficient parental controlling app.

FlexiSpy allows you to track your child’s behaviour in apps like Tinder, WhatsApp, Kik, and Viber. You can also set time limitations for your child’s phone and even snap screenshots of the screen. It must be installed outside the official app store since it is an effective iPhone spyware. You will need to provide him with extensive security privileges.

Kaspersky Safe Kid


The final parental control apps on our list is the Kasperky Safe Kid app. Kaspersky Safe Kid is a parental control tool created by the well-known antivirus software business Kaspersky. This app is a fantastic option if parents want a complete answer.

It includes features such as app usage control and screen time management. You may monitor your child’s public Facebook activities on your iPhone or iPad. It’s a tremendous choice among parental control apps for your IOS device to protect your child.

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  • GPS spoofer on browser extensions

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The internet is rich with educational content but also contains unsuitable stuff that can harm children. Pornography, cyberbullying, and violence are all online hazards to your children’s safety. As a result, parents must ensure that their children are not exposed to these threats. Enabling iOS parental control apps can assist parents in monitoring their children’s online activity, thereby protecting them from any online hazard.

These parental control apps mentioned in this article provide the most critical and dependable parental control capabilities for free, without worrying about future updates.