Best Free Streaming Sites for Serie A Live Stream

by VPN Guider

February 24, 2023

Serie A is the top-tier professional football league in Italy which has seen the rise of the search of Serie A live stream. It is one of the most prestigious and widely followed football leagues in the world. It features 20 teams competing against each other over the course of a season, with the team with the most points being crowned the champion. Some of the most famous Italian clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Roma, and Lazio, compete in Serie A.

How to watch Serie A Live?

Serie A can be streamed on various platforms and networks depending on the region you are in. Some of the ways to watch Serie A Live include:

  1. Official broadcaster: In some countries, Serie A matches are broadcasted on official channels such as Sky Sports in the UK, beIN Sports in the US, and DAZN in Canada.
  2. Online streaming services: Platforms like DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, and NBC Sports Gold offer online streaming of Serie A matches for a fee.
  3. Live streaming websites: Live streaming of Serie A matches is also available on various websites like FuboTV, Sling TV, and Hulu TV, among others.

It’s important to note that the availability and cost of these options may vary based on your location and the package you choose. Since the packages and offers are different based on the region and area, one can get a better deal depending on their home region.

How to watch Serie A Live scores?

Serie A Live

There are several ways to check the scores and relevant information for the fans of the Italian top flight. Here are some ways to check scores for Serie A Live:

  1. Official Serie A website: The official Serie A website provides up-to-date scores, standings, fixtures, and other information related to the Scottish Premiership.
  2. Online news websites: Major sports news websites such as BBC Sport, Sky Sports, and ESPN provide live updates and coverage of the Serie A live, including scores, news, and analysis.
  3. Social media: Follow the official Serie A live and the clubs’ social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for live updates, news, and scores.
  4. Mobile apps: Download the official Serie A app or other football news and score apps like BBC Sport or Sky Sports to stay informed on all the latest developments and scores in Serie A.
  5. TV Broadcasts: Serie A matches are broadcasted on TV in various countries, and viewers can watch live matches on official sports channels like Sky Sports in the UK, beIN Sports in the US, and DAZN in Canada.
  6. Online Streaming Services: Online streaming services such as DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, and NBC Sports Gold offers live streaming of Serie A matches for a fee.
  7. Live Streaming Websites: Live streaming of Serie A matches is available on websites such as FuboTV, Sling TV, and Hulu TV.
  8. It’s also worth mentioning that most of the above options can also be accessed via a web browser on your computer or a mobile device for convenience.


1. Do I need a VPN to watch Serie A live online?
One does not need a VPN to watch Serie A live, but it is recommended to use it since it protects the user from any malware on the internet that may seep in during the live stream of their favorite clubs’ matches.
2. Which team won Serie A last year?
AC Milan won the league in 2021-22 after 11 years.
3. Who is the most successful Serie A team?
Juventus is the most successful team in Serie A having won more than 30 titles domestically. AC Milan is the second most successful team in Serie A having won more than 15 titles domestically.
4. Are any free streams for Serie A matches available?
Yes, there are plenty of free streams available for Serie A matches on multiple sites. You can access them directly by looking up one of those sites via your browser or by accessing them after covering your presence via the use of a VPN.


It’s important to note that while a VPN can help you access geo-restricted content and that may be the case for many fans of Serie A live. It may not always guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience of Serie A live and Serie matches. Some streaming services may still detect and block VPN connections, so it’s best to research and choose a reputable VPN service that has servers optimized for streaming.

VPN & how it helps in streaming Serie A live

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a type of technology that allows you to create a secure and encrypted connection over the internet. This connection is established between your device and a remote server, with your internet traffic being routed through this server.

The main purpose of using a VPN is to enhance privacy and security when accessing the internet. It helps protect your online activity from being monitored by others and also helps you bypass internet censorship and geo-restrictions. With a VPN, your IP address and online identity are concealed, making it difficult for websites, advertisers, and hackers to track your online activity.

VPNs are commonly used by individuals and businesses to protect their online privacy, access restricted websites and content, and maintain the security of sensitive information while working remotely. There are many VPN services available, and choosing the right one can be a challenge, as features, security, and cost can vary greatly between different VPN providers.