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by VPN Guider

January 19, 2023

People nowadays are trying to explore the different segments of information that are available on the internet. But a lot of such information is inaccessible to them, to access those, they need dark web search engines. Upon hearing the term, it is quite obvious that many would assume that the quickest answer to this question is TOR. But it is not the case, tor is one of the dark web search engines that is available to users and people on the internet, but not the only dark web search engine.

What are dark web search engines?

In simple terms, dark web search engines are search engines that are similar to google, opera, brave, or even edge in some cases, but they provide access to information and websites that will not be accessible by some of the regular and ordinary search engines mentioned previously. Deep dark web search engines function the same way, they have their designated search engines that provide access to that part of the internet. Although it is highly advised that you should not venture into the dark web and deep web unless you have a very good and very legal reason to do the same.

Options for Dark Web search engines

Dark Web Search Engines

  1.       Duck duck Go – many would be surprised to find a search engine as famous as this on this list since the automatic perception would be to hear names of dark web search engines that they would have never heard before. Given its reputation, it is fair to believe that they are also one of the best dark web search engines. It has built-in software that prevents tracking of user data and is also one of the long-standing search engines that have been used as an alternative to google due to privacy concerns by users.
  2.       Torch – short for TorSearch, it has claimed to be one of the oldest dark web search engine to exist on the market. Its indexes have exceeded over a billion pages in its repositories which gives it considerable reliability and depth of information on offer. It has a no-tracking policy on the search engine along with zero censorship. In theory, torch can provide a place to bury sensitive information waiting for it to be unearthed by people who should not have access to it or do not know what to do with it.
  3.       Not Evil – Not evil dark web search engine is said to be modeled after google due to the simplicity it has used in the designing of the engine. Another fact about not evil, is that it took inspiration from googles motto back in the day, ‘Do not be evil’. The users have options to choose from with respect to the titles, URLs as well as a combination of both.
  4.       Candle – Candle is one of the newer dark web search engines, as it was built 3-4 years ago, and like not evil, it also draws inspiration from google or the google of the old and what it used to be before the modernization and updates it received in its appearance. They have attempted to imitate and provide the same level of simplicity that google offers its users.
  5.       Ahmia – people can use a search engine like ahmia on chrome which is unheard of given the sensitivity of the information the user might be accessing. The sticking point is that the user will eventually need a designated dark web search engine to actually visit and open those links on something like TOR. Ahmia also uses onion URLs which increases the safety and security by quite a bit. It is highly simplistic in its functionalities which makes it a good dark web search engine for users interested.


1. Can a VPN help in accessing the dark web?
Yes, it can since it blocks the IP address of the users and adds an additional layer of protection to the user.
2. Do I need a VPN to access the dark web?
You do not need a dedicated VPN to access the dark web, but it is highly recommended.
3. What is the dark web?
The dark web forms a big portion of the internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines and is accessible only through specialised software such as Tor Browser. The dark web is quite often associated with illegal activities because of its anonymity and lack of regulation. Still, it is important to note that not all websites on the dark web are unlawful, and some legitimate websites and services operate on the dark web as well. The dark web's anonymity has made it a haven for illegal activities such as selling drugs, weapons, stolen data, and other illicit goods and services.
4. When was the dark web created?
The dark web was created in the 1990s as a part of the development of the internet. The term "dark web" was first used in 2009 by a cybersecurity researcher named Michael Bergman to refer to a subset of the deep web not indexed by search engines. Since its creation, the dark web has become a haven for illegal activities such as selling drugs, weapons, stolen data, and other unlawful goods and services.
5. What kind of browsers do you need to access the dark web?
Accessing the dark web requires using a specialized browser to access websites not indexed by traditional search engines. The most commonly used browser for accessing the dark web is the Tor Browser. This makes it difficult for anyone to track or monitor users' online activities, including their location and browsing history. Tor is available to download on the Tor Project website and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.
6. Is the dark web illegal?
The dark web is not inherently illegal but is often associated with illicit activities because of its anonymity and lack of regulation. Search engines do not log the dark web and can only be accessed through specialized software such as Tor. While some legitimate websites and services operate on the dark web, it is also a haven for illegal activities such as selling drugs, weapons, stolen data, and other unlawful goods and services.
7. Can accessing the dark web put one in jeopardy?
No, merely accessing the dark web does not jeopardize one, but should they access illicit and illegal websites willingly or otherwise; and it is somehow informed to the authorities responsible for the regulation of the internet, it can bring you under scrutiny and questioning for such an act. Meta Description – we share our picks for dark web search engines.
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Those interested in a search engine for the dark web should primarily consider TOR or duck duck go, since those two are the most reputed dark web search engine and also have some degree of censorship and regulation with respect to the activities performed on it and through it. You can also choose other dark web search engines mentioned above, but you should do it at your own risk since they can open access to information the user would not even be looking for in the first place.