Grand Prix du Canada 2023: Where and how to watch for free?

by VPN Guider

February 4, 2023

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, where the Grand Prix du Canada f1 world championship race is being held, has every bit of thrill and speed across Montreal, making the entire weekend of Grand Prix du Canada 2023 a full-packed funhouse of the f1 world championship calendar.

More about the Grand Prix Du Canada

Conducted on the weekend from 16th to 18th of June, 2023 – Grand Prix Du Canada is the most extraordinary sporting event in Canada, even sometimes eclipsing the annual Stanley Cup. Looking at the popularity of the motorsport ever since the World Driver’s Championship title by Jacques Villeneuve, Grand Prix du Canada tickets are always sold out way before the first livery of the season is revealed. The finest view has to be from Grandstand 15, 21, or 24, which encircles the hairpin. It gives the area a natural amphitheater feel while allowing you to see all the hairpin overtakes.

Where to watch Grand Prix du Canada from anywhere that you reside?

Grand Prix du Canada

ESPN is the most apparent choice within proximity for the local and domestic fans who could not attend the event live from above the paddock or were late to grab Grand Prix du Canada tickets.

The ever-present broadcasting partner of formula one in North America, ESPN is the one-stop for telecasting the Grand Prix du Canada. From one cable subscription, one can directly enjoy the live action of the circuit.

Yet as suggested above, to experience Grand Prix du Canada 2023, the f1 fans can opt for alternatives like Hulu+ Live TV for $69.99 per month, Sling TV for $35 blue package per month or F1 pro available for only $9.99.

To watch Grand Prix du Canada, the stated examples are only feasible in the US and North America, making it difficult for all non-domestic customers to avail of the services. The one-stop answer to that question is a VPN service –

The catch is that you will need an American IP address to subscribe to these services and watch the Grand Prix du Canada live. If you travel or live outside the United States, you may use a VPN to connect to a US server and access these services.

The coverage of the Grand Prix du Canada can also be segregated differently for only viewers in Canada as there’s a multi-year deal established with a split between TSN and RDS. Opting for any of the two options as subscriptions will directly let you through to the live action with only CA $7.99 if watching online, but the cable subscription is entirely free of cost.

How does a VPN set up work when streaming or to watch Grand Prix du Canada?


Encryption is a method of encrypting data so that only authorized parties can decipher it, basically the one to watch Grand Prix du Canada . It modifies readable data so it seems random to attackers or intercepts it. Encryption functions similarly to a “secret code” in this regard.

A VPN connects devices by establishing encrypted connections  helping the viewers to enjoy Grand Prix du Canada. The devices that relate to the VPN generate encryption keys, which are used to encode and decode all data transferred between them.

Assume John is doing his shopping from his hotel room. Assume that a criminal has penetrated the hotel’s network infrastructure and is monitoring any data that passes across it (like tapping a telephone line). Because of the VPN, John’s data is still protected. The only thing the criminal sees is the encrypted version of the data. Because of this encryption, VPN connections stay private even when they traverse public Internet infrastructure.

A VPN will improve security when conducting a transaction or sending or receiving critical information.


F1 as a global sport has multiple fan bases across the planet starting from the orange army for two times world champion Max Verstappen to the new age dominance British fanbase of Lewis Hamilton and the most enthusiast and loveable of Checo Perez, from Mexico, The Netherlands till Northern America all the races and circuits are of thrill and joy of racing where Grand Prix du Canada is always up there being one of the most historically important and sometimes a title decider as it is added to the latter half of the annual world championship calendar.