How To Get Access Dark Web Safely?

by VPN Guider

January 17, 2023

If you want to access dark web safely, you will need a designated browser for it, and 9 times out of 10, it is TOR. We do not condone or support the access and use of the dark web in any way, it is entirely up to the user as to what they choose to do with this guide, but for those who want to learn more about the dark web for their research or data collection and understanding of the dark web, we are facilitating the way one can check the dark web out.

What is the Dark web?

access dark web safely

Dark web is a small part of the deep web which constitutes hidden websites and services. Both the users and owners of these websites’ identities have been kept anonymous. Dark web hosts most websites that deal in the trade of illicit goods such as drugs, firearms, stolen data such as credit card numbers, and other bit and byte data as desired by the buyers. It also contains servers full of data that cannot be accessed via the regular internet, and also provides users with anonymity to access servers where they wouldn’t want to reveal their identities.

More on Dark Web and its Uses

Many of us have seen movies and Tv shows that have brought up the term dark web or deep web. Whenever the protagonist or antagonist needs something, they cannot get through normal means, they turn to the dark web in hopes of finding an amicable solution to their problem. Although they have shown its existence, not many shows and movies have shown its true working capabilities and functionalities and for good reason, as they do not want the world who is unaware of it, to look it up and find things they weren’t even looking for in the first place.

Some may say you can fulfill your guilty pleasures on the dark web, some may say you can find things that aren’t available on the regulated and publicly accessible market. Some may even sell things that they do not want to sell to the public as the dark web allows them to have a sense of anonymity while doing what they do, be it good or in unfortunate cases, bad.


1. Is the Dark web illegal?
No, although it does host sites that delve into a legal grey area as to their existence, the dark web in itself is not illegal.
2. What VPN should we use to access dark web safely?
We recommend using a VPN in combination with TOR to access dark web safely. Some of the VPNs suggested are i2p, Freenet, and more.

How to access Dark web safely?

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One of the first things the user needs to do to access dark web safely is to download TOR. It is advised that when you download TOR, use a VPN or download it in incognito mode. Tor network is quite easy to understand for the common people. Tor lets the users surf the dark web through their browser, and every traffic and action of surfing is routed through their servers.

Ways to Access Dark Web Safely

  1.   Tor – the dark web browser s available on windows, mac, Linux, as well as Android. It is advised that the user download the browser from the official site so as to not risk any malware and virus-infected download onto their system. This is our recommended browser to access dark web safely. 
  2.   Use a VPN for added security – it is highly suggested and advised that the user use a VPN to add another layer of security and protection to their experience while surfing on the dark web. In case the users do not have a VPN, they can use an alternative in tor bridges so that their ISP shows that they are connected to a VPN tunnel server instead of TOR. VPNs, therefore, are extremely important to access dark web safely. 
  3.   The addresses – the most common and distinguished addresses on tor is .onion, instead of .com or .org. there are directories such as that have a list of websites that use .onion as their address. You can also find indexes on search engines like NotEvil, Ahmia, candle, and torch.
  4.   Tor + VPN – tor’s main job is to ensure anonymity; it cannot guarantee privacy on its websites while you surf and browse. VPN’s main job is to ensure privacy, it may not guarantee anonymity while on the dark web. It is most commonly advised that the user use a VPN in combination with TOR so that they can elevate and increase their sense of privacy and anonymity to the highest level of their comfort. Hence, its the most secure way to access dark web safely.









We have shared with you the steps you can take how to access dark web safely. There are many different uses of the dark web, and journalists and whistle-blowers specifically use the dark web so that they can protect themselves when investigating and exposing matters that pose a threat to their own life. The best advice we can offer, and we will repeat it so that you, the user, does not make a mistake with this, use a VPN in addition to TOR to access dark web safely.