Torrent Hacks: How to increase torrent download speed?

by VPN Guider

December 7, 2022

Torrent has been around for half of the duration as the internet has been. And a recurring problem has been the issue of torrent download speed. It has been one of the most crucial components when it comes to downloading from the web. It has gained traction over the years and to this day, it continues to be one of the most used forms of downloading resources from the internet.

There are many sites, applications, and platforms that support the torrent file and facilitate a seamless experience with reference to the torrents. With the ever-increasing speed of the internet, torrent seems to be falling behind in the maximum capacity for the torrent download speed. Here are some ways you can increase the torrent download speed for your system.

Speed up your torrent download speed

There are a number of situations when the service provider has a limited speed rate or is unable to provide the highest internet speed connection. One may look into their ISP to consider an upgrade on their network connection to have better connectivity and momentum. The raw increase in the torrent download speed of the internet connection is the usual answer for higher and faster torrent download speed.

The use of a VPN

Torrent Download speed

VPN i.e., a Virtual Private Network, works as a separate and enclosed network for oneself and/or a group of individuals who would want to protect themselves from public connections by establishing a secure encrypted link between themselves and within their network. The use of a VPN could significantly reduce traffic and increase torrent download speed.

The right Torrent client

The right Torrent client

There are various torrent clients available that offer the service of downloading the required resources from the internet. Every platform, be it iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, or macOS have accessibility to torrent clients, and the right torrent client can make all the difference between a slow download and a fast download.

Updated torrent client

Although a lot has changed since the turn of the decade, it hasn’t changed the fact that a torrent is still a tool that is relied on by many people. The reduction in the use of torrents could result in a lack of resources for the developers to keep the app updated. Which makes it all the more imperative for the torrent client to be up to date to ensure.

Configuration and Protection 

Protection within one’s private space has never been needed nor demanded more. Users want to protect their private lives, and having the proper configuration of the software and protection in place assists the users in more ways than one. The lack of pop-up ads as well as protection from outside viruses reduced the load on the hardware and allows more focus on the downloads themselves.

Faster Computer


In certain circumstances, the download speed is not lacking because of the internet connection or because of the configuration or the torrent client itself. Sometimes the desktop itself may not be able to facilitate higher download speeds because it is incapable of functioning on the hardware installed. A faster CPU, as well as faster RAM, increases the download speed multi-fold than any other way would normally.

Limitations and Upload Rates

Torrent is one of the first networks which allowed users to share files among themselves. When the upload rate of the user is not limited and remains unlimited, it slows down the downloads in progress and elongates the process itself. To negate this, the user may find out the maximum speed of the uploads and set it below 100% so that it doesn’t overuse the capacity. One can also download one item at a time if multiple files are in the queue simultaneously.

Seeds and Peers affect the downloads

Peers reflect the number of participants in a download or upload of a particular file. Seed reflects the number of people who has a complete copy of the file being shared across the network. The user should choose the torrent file and link which has higher seeds or seeders to ensure faster downloads as it allows the download to reach out to a lot more seeders at the same time.

Managing the Bandwidth

The default settings of the torrent clients share equal priorities to the download(s) that are in the queue. But it does allow the users to change the settings to preferential needs and prioritize the downloads that demand urgency. One can change the settings in ways such as the maximum number of connections, the maximum number of connections per torrent, maximum number of upload slots among others.

Ethernet could be the solution 

It is common knowledge in tech society that Wi-Fi loses a major portion of its speed because of wireless connectivity. Ethernet solves the loss of speed because of connectivity by introducing a direct link between the network receiver and the network connection. It also has far less latency and is less susceptible to interference.

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Quick Recap

A quick reference to how to speed up their Torrent Download speed is listed below.

  1. Speed up your torrent
  2. The use of a VPN
  3. The right Torrent client
  4. Updated torrent client
  5. Configuration and Protection
  6. Faster Computer
  7. Limitations and Upload Rates
  8. Seeds and Peers affect the Torrent Download speed
  9. Managing the Bandwidth
  10. Ethernet could be the solution

Any of the tips listed above can make a significant difference to the Torrent Download speed. The user should use the options at their discretion and choose the options that suit them best in their circumstance.