How to make Mozilla Firefox browser more secure?

by VPN Guider

December 8, 2022

Mozilla Firefox was the original name of one of the earliest browsers in line with google and Bing. They were competing with Bing to be the second biggest browser and were challenging google for the number one spot. Having launched in 2004, they have inculcated over 3 search engines, such as the gecko, Quantum and Spider Monkey. They are available and accessible on every operating software, and they keep facilitating updates and security patches so that the users can use the latest version of the browser whenever possible. It has fallen down quite a bit and is now the fourth-largest browser behind, Chrome, Edge and Safari.

How to secure your Mozilla Browser?

Every user who browses the internet wants to have a secure experience. We all have grown accustomed to being bombarded with cookie requests and other tracking software which do not offer a direct reject button either, to disable the cookies, you will have to navigate through the cookie request option, and even ten will only be able to partially reject it.

We are going to offer you multiple ways to secure your browsing experience on your Mozilla Firefox browser. Some of the options are mentioned below – 

Two-step authentication 

Mozilla Firefox

The user can set up two-step or two-factor authentication so that there exists an added layer of security and protection covering the transactions that the user may undertake and helps them track the activity remotely from their phone. A lot of data is Use accessible on the browser such as bank records, social media profiles, email accounts and more. It should be as secure as possible.

VPN while connected to a public network

Mozilla Firefox

It is quite common to be connected to public networks nowadays, as many people work on the go, and sometimes have to conduct their emails at a café or coffee shop. Public networks are prone to virus attacks and easier for hackers to infiltrate multiple systems. Using a VPN goes a long way in securing one’s browsing experience on a public network.

Limit location sharing


Many and nearly all apps ask for the users to grant them access to their location and their location data to Mozilla Firefox. The access upon grant, allows them to track not only the current location, but also uses them to track where the individual travels, and gain intimate insight which will then be used to target the individual with ads. This is a violation of privacy, and to reduce such violation, the user can disable location access for every application that does not need it.

Spring Clean your Mozilla Firefox browser

Mozila Firefox

Many of us have created multiple email accounts when young, only to forget our passwords and ultimately create new accounts going forward. This cycle repeats itself till they remember the password of one account, or learn how to recover the password. On many occasions, these email accounts remain in the system and browser, just invisible to the user. The user can remove these emails and any linkages they may have with other sites and platforms to ensure secure access for those email accounts that are relevant and material to the user.

Check Device Settings

On many occasions, the device has its privacy setting disabled, either because of permission granted to an application or because there was an error on part of the user. The user should regularly visit the privacy settings of their device(s) so that the user themselves can track and stay on top of any irregularity that they can manage themselves before it becomes a major concern for them. Restricting the privacy settings to one’s preference is one of the best ways to secure the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Update the devices


It should be noted that a browser does not work well forever if it keeps running on the software that was published during the launch. The same can be said about the device. If the device is not updated whenever possible, or regularly, whatever might be the case, it will not facilitate or sustain the applications it hosts especially the browsers. The best way to secure one’s device and in turn, their applications and especially their browser, would be to update their systems software as well as the applications to the latest version accessible by them.

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Mozilla Firefox has retained its user base through turbulent times. They managed to survive the pandemic which saw the demise of many corporations and companies. It should be given the chance to flourish, as one of the old guards and their users should be provided with good ways to secure their browsing experience on their preferred browser in Mozilla Firefox.

The steps mentioned above can work for any browser the user is using and has been using for whatever duration. The steps are simple and offer a unique way of streamlining their experience on browsers by allowing the user to curate their Mozilla Firefox browser in their own unique way by following one or multiple options mentioned above. Mozilla Firefox allows comfortable access in the settings for its users which has allowed them to maintain a significant presence and they will hope to build on it going forward.