Top 3 Best Putlocker Alternatives

by VPN Guider

December 22, 2022

Developed in the UK, Putlocker launched as a cloud storage website and soon stridden into popularity after gaining a rank of the top 250 visited websites till 2016. Here, we discuss some of the best Putlocker Alternatives. These website allows users to access uploading and sharing files across all avenues regardless of the type of file, its size including the format much like Putlocker itself. 

The cherry on top is that these services are all free because Putlocker has been using BOGOF financial, where one can also unlock additional features for a monthly fee, ensuring their customers get the best services free of cost. 

The Putlocker website rose to the occasion; the website and developers were forced to be shut down in 2016. Causing all its services to be blocked entirely in the United Kingdom due to some security reasons of a breach. Since that day, all the new putlocker alternatives are on high demand, as this article will describe the three best Putlocker Alternatives in detail. 

Best Putlocker Alternatives

123 Movies

Putlocker Alternatives

After the demolition of the functioning and services of Putlocker being blocked, the most crucial notion of using any website or online service is and would be regarding safety and legitimacy. Hence considering any streaming platform, their absolute authenticity will be of priority. 

123Movie is such a streaming website, although self-renowned but has international recognition and subsistence as the streaming service has been one of the topmost online free streaming platforms for some years now; since its advent, the 123Movie developers have been concentrating on the entertainment business based on the trust of their audience from security and convenience of utilization.

Let us now concentrate on the content and library of 123Movie; being on the top of the game, the platform is known for its almost never-ending list of the latest movies and series, which is almost always updated; 123Movie is your go-to streaming website when it comes to a plethora of content choices. 

The website is well designed to culminate all the categories and sections well listed and properly attested, moreover presents the latest content option; the search bar is designed to fully acclimatize the user based on several criteria such as – release year, past other, series/movies and genre. It is the first site that comes to mind when discussed about Putlocker Alternatives.


Putlocker Alternatives

Simple and casual to use, Megashare is currently running as the internet’s favourite based on the response of a huge audience base for being the most uncomplicated and straightforward streaming service and website. Additionally, Megashare’s culmination as a user-friendly facility has a way of distinguishing the quality of movies and series based on the user’s internet speed ranging from – a set of HD quality print to a group of different language subtitle options available.   

The content library is comprehensive and free of cost, with no registration policy and sign-in necessary; Megashare is the go-to platform for all the latest to classic choices of TV shows and series to the biggest names from academy winters to action and thriller movie titles. Megashare is your all-to-get from streaming service. It is one of the more popular platforms among the best Putlocker Alternatives. 

  • No-logs policy & safe jurisdiction
  • Loads of extra security features
  • Strong encryption
  • No IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks
  • Supports torrenting on nearly all VPN servers

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Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is said to have evolved over “a long time” by a group in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When the application was complete, one of the first things this group did was turn their unpredictable mascot, Pochoclo, into a pleasantly invigorated sack of popcorn. In Buenos Aires, the term for “popcorn” is pochoclo.

Popcorn Time received several established press considerations when it was first put out in 2016. This was due in large part to its usefulness. Both PC Magazine and CBS News contrasted Popcorn Time’s natural and smoothed-out strategy to that of Netflix while also highlighting how Popcorn Time excelled in Netflix; for example, a far more extensive library and recency of decisions are available. It bags the third spot in our selection of Putlocker Alternatives.