Top 4 best Colombian series on Netflix

by VPN Guider

January 1, 2023

Netflix streaming across the planet has become the pandemonium of streaming for all kinds of content ranging from top-ranked series like StrangerThings to movies like Massan (Indian); hence the range of these content(s) over language is not barricaded in Netflix including colombian series on netflix.

Despite a large number of competitors in the market, Netflix, due to its overall production value, Colombian series on netflix has successfully made sure that it stays on top of its multiple possible libraries. 

Colombian on-demand delivery startup Rappi Colombian 500m series t. Rowe has obtained a $500 million funding round headed by US-based investment firm T.Rowe Price, raising Rappi’s valuation to $5.2 billion.

Baillie Gifford, Third Point, and Octahedron also participated in the funding, as did Singapore’s state-owned fund, GIC and SoftBank. DST Global, Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, and Sequoia Capital have also invested in Rappi Colombian 500m series t. Rowe.

Top 4 best Colombian series on Netflix

Pablo Escobar, el patron del mal

Colombian series on Netflix

Even though Netflix has extended its most incredible drug-fueled netflix colombian series through Season 4, fresh episodes of Narcos are still a long way off. However, if you’re looking for a superb high-stakes thriller about the filthy world of Colombian crime, you can immediately start with Narcos. Netflix has another addictive show in the works: Pablo Escobar and El Patron del Mal.

Pablo Escobar, also known as Pablo Escobar, the Boss of Evil, colombian series on netflix is a dramatized account of the rise and demise of the renowned drug baron of the same name. Whereas Narcos reduced Escobar’s life into 20 episodes, Pablo Escobar delves further into this perplexing and brutal period of history, dedicating 74 hour-long episodes to the drama.

With 42-minute episodes, more than 50 hours are devoted to chronicling the narrative of one larger-than-life criminal. And those 50 hours are unquestionably entertaining.

Pablo Escobar, which debuted on Caracol TV as a Colombian series on netflix , is one of the few Columbian-produced programmes that has earned international acclaim. Camilo Cano and Juana Uribe created the series, and both suffered at the hands of their show’s principal protagonist.

Escobar assassinated Cano’s father, the editor of the newspaper El Espectador, in 1986, and Escobar also abducted and murdered Uribe’s mother and uncle. This fictitious series has actual weight and cultural closeness that Narcos lacks. Despite its complex subject matter, Pablo Escobar celebrates the novella’s identity as a Spanish novella.


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Xfinity bundles with Colombian series on Netflix are currently only available in a few markets. Please visit to verify availability.
3. What is VPN and what does it have to do with Colombian series on Netflix?
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a system that enables remote access to private networks and data sharing across public networks. Before Colombian series on Netflix was worldwide (except in China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria), individuals used VPNs to unblock and view it in places that weren't available.  

Sin senos sí hay paraíso

Sin senos sí hay paraíso

It follows a former prostitute in Pereira, Columbia, a Colombian series on Netflix who becomes a DEA agent to escape the narco lifestyle she formerly chose. Girls from disadvantaged neighborhoods are targeted and trained to become sex traffickers and mules in this town. Still, it’s made immensely appealing to them by the promise of breast implants, money, and recognition.

A persona dubbed ‘Diablo,’ a Madame, who pulls the girls in, is at the core of this illegal activity. As the story unfolds, she becomes the most powerful and feared cartel boss in South America and Mexico.

This is different from your typical series. Along with the drug violence, the main protagonists are females. You get a true feeling of a small-town mindset and culture, yet it’s done in a lighthearted and caring manner.

Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso features the most bizarre narrative lines. Curses, witchcraft, the occult, voodoo sex addicts, sex curses, and bizarre identity transformations with horrible face and body transplants are all present. Some pretty awful material has appeared in my nightmares.

Diablo, the main character, embalms her deceased daughter and preserves her in a shrine-like apartment. She also takes her about town at night in the vehicle.

The series has a lot of repetition in the language, excessive use of flashbacks, and timelines all over the place, with one scenario spanning three episodes. Despite this, this is a Colombian series on Netflix worth remembering! Series three and onwards are the greatest.

The Unbroken Voice

The Unbroken Voice

The Unbroken Voice is a new Netflix original series. It is a Colombian series on Netflix, each episode lasting 45-52 minutes. Arelys Henao Ruiz, a little girl, grew up in a challenging environment. Due to various issues, she and her family decide to leave the farm and earn a livelihood in town.

We observe how the family struggles psychologically and financially while remaining cheerful and how Arelys thrives despite all circumstances to pursue a profession in singing.

The Colombian series on Netflix is a musical drama since the main character, Arelys is a singer who quickly climbs to become a pop music business queen. The plot is compelling since it is about a family, even if the primary focus is on Arelys. Throughout the 61 episodes of this drama, the viewer will have a lot to focus on.

Apart from Arelys, the creators have attempted to give each of the characters in the play the prominence and role they deserve in the plot. This makes the drama more exciting to watch because it does not only go one way by focusing on the female lead.

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The Queen of Flow

The Queen of Flow

Charly Flo (Carlos Torres) has succeeded. On a vast platform, the artist greets his adoring audience and basks in his burgeoning renown, albeit privately acknowledging that it is all because of Yeimy.

Who is Yeimy, exactly? She is imprisoned in New York City for a crime she did not commit. Yeimy Montoya (Carolina Ramrez) has spent the preceding 17 years in prison, plotting her vengeance on Charly and his family.

Her need for revenge becomes stronger as her release date approaches. Her fellow inmates surprise her with a farewell party. Still, when she becomes the target of an assassination attempt, she realises that her quest for vengeance will take a different path than she had imagined.

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