Best ways to watch Mandalorian without Disney Plus

by VPN Guider

December 19, 2022

Disney Plus has seemingly become one of the biggest streaming platforms out there in a small amount of time. With their acquisition of Marvel and inculcation of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe under their umbrella and all in one place, it has attracted millions of marvel fans to join Disney plus so that they do not miss a single episode of their favorite television universe.

Most attractive selling points

It has been in such high demand, that Disney plus has created a separate tab in which they store and curate every marvel movie which has been released and is currently out there. The marvel shelf is one of their most attractive selling points and one that incites further excitement among fans and expansion of the customer base for the streaming platform.

Disney Plus

It is not their only selling point, as the returning star wars franchise has seen a new generation of viewers becoming fans of the series and movies and the new show The Mandalorian.

It was the highest streamed series upon its release as it followed the events of the Mandalorian and a young Yoda as they traveled across their galaxy on their adventures and missions. And many fans fell in love with the young Yoda, or as they called him, baby Yoda.

How to watch the Mandalorian without Disney plus?

There are only a few ways you can watch the Mandalorian on the internet. One is to subscribe to Disney plus and stream it on their platform and application. The other is to stream it on free websites that will allow the user to watch any and every show that was ever released and in their library for absolutely free, with ads being the only form of payment you will have to succumb to.How to watch Mandalorian


Some viewers do not appreciate being stuck behind a paywall to watch their favorite shows and makes them feel exploited. They aren’t wrong in how they feel, but that is also how modern businesses have come to work, they have monetized every little thing so that they can earn that extra buck.

To avoid being embroiled in a pay-per-view or pay-to-view system, users can simply and seamlessly log onto any free streaming site and start watching the Mandalorian for free, without having to pay a dime. The sites are absolutely free, and easily accessible, with sites like 123 movies, Sflix, and more. The user simply needs to look up their desired movie and show and start streaming it once it loads up.

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There are many free sites available for the user to stream from, and those sites do not require any payment for their service, and as they will often advertise themselves, are absolutely free to use.

For those who do not want to subscribe to Disney Plus, or any other streaming platform, watching it on free streaming sites is their best option and is also one of the convenient options since they can keep coming back to it in the future for the next seasons and movies that interest them.