How to Watch Peacock TV Outside the USA?

by VPN Guider

December 23, 2022

In this new world of competitive streaming services, the audience is continuously asking for better new platforms where they can explore new content exclusively available according to one’s choice. To show its credibility – Comcast, under the banner of NBC Universal, has launched a new streaming site and app called Peacock TV

Peacock TV streaming services could be the most futuristic regarding user-centric performance, making it one of the most famous avenues. The content library varies from old classics to modern films. With everything said, the only issue with Peacock TV is its accessibility and exclusiveness in the United States, making it difficult for offshore audiences to even have a slight glimpse of it.

The article will concentrate on solving this particular issue at hand.

Using VPN and DNS services to watch Peacock TV

Peacock TV

To protect their content, most streaming services and OTT platforms are known to use the functions of geo-blocking. 

Applying this server and access-blocking service will restrict users based on their geographic location, making it almost impossible to subscribe, download or search for these streaming networks or services from offshore states and nations. 

Peacock is a step ahead of its competitors in the market

NBC has kept the content and services intact for only US citizens. A subscription to any package to Peacock requires the user’s valid IP addresses based on their pinpointed American physical residing location. Hence if a person living in Georgia would have full access to NBC’s Peacock, but a person in Toronto would not. For a person residing outside USA would face this message –

“This service is unavailable in your region.”

The best option to enjoy all of these services is none other than to bypass them via the use of a VPN or DNS. Using these proxy locations will allow one to uplift all the restrictions and help the users to use the services and access all the content of Peacock TV freely.   

Select your IP address to the USA from the DNS options or VPN nation options, tricking the NBC servers into thinking the user resides within its area of coverage, making it entirely credible for anyone to enjoy the exclusive show and movies Peacock has to provide.


1. What are the contents of Peacock TV exclusively available?
From Breaking Bad to Latest episodes of House of Dragons everything is available .
2. Are VPNs safe?
There are multiple VPNs from free to subscribed ones, so choosing from good to bad quality differs upon the safety.
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How to use a VPN or DNS?


VPN and DNS have several advantages, including that they are adjustable on every operating system available. Furthermore, the technique does not encrypt your data or change your IP address. This allows you to stream your material with minimum speed loss while navigating between local and unblocked channels simultaneously.

Setting up a VPN or DNS is a simple job. Then, depending on the device, follow the setup instructions. Finally, open the channel and begin streaming its content anywhere you choose. You only need to sign up for a free VPN trial.

A VPN is another option for accessing Peacock from outside the United States. Unlike DNS, VPN directs all your traffic through your chosen server. Once connected, VPN encrypts your data (for additional security) and hides your IP address (for added privacy), substituting it with one depending on the location of the “connected” server.