How to access Hotstar From Any Part Of The World?

by VPN Guider

January 12, 2023

To access Hotstar from any part of the world, many digital streaming apps are available on the internet. Disney plus Hotstar is a multi-entertainment software that provides access to live sports, web series and movies to users. Cricket is the primary sport which Disney Plus Hotstar offers in India and other Asian countries. Nowadays, it has started to sponsor its shows like the mega OTT platforms of Amazon prime and Netflix used to do.

How to access Hotstar from any part of the world?

How to access Hotstar on Disney Plus and other platforms is the central theme addressed in this article. VPN clients are the only way to access any prohibited application in all corners of the world. 

The solution for accessing Hotstar is hidden in the domain of VPNs which provides an uninterrupted gateway to curbed apps. In the year 2015, Star network officially launched this app for streaming its mainstream events for its digital audience. In just three years, it has become one of the most used apps in the Indian subcontinent. So here are the four best VPNs which could help the intrigues of Hotstar to access it even from prohibited regions. 

VPNs to access Hotstar

Nord VPN

How to access Hotstar From Any Part Of The World?

NordVPN is the best tool to access Hotstar on a cheap subscription offer based on a monthly and annual timeline. It comes with a monthly subscription amount of $70, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee if a user dislikes its streaming service. access Hotstar also offers no log policy to the users; it has become the USP of this service throughout the years. So, this VPN client is the perfect solution to access Hotstar in all parts of the world. 

IP Vanish

IP Vanish

To access Hotstar beyond the Asian boundaries, IP vanish is the most critical VPN plan to be relied on. It provides lightning speed to users, which eventually makes the streaming process of an app smooth. Many nations asked how to access Hotstar in the USA so that a local IP Vanish would be the perfect tool for users. On the other hand, its cheap subscription cost of $65 per month makes it the most affordable option, responsible for its mega customer base. 


1. How to access Hotstar on Disney Plus and similar platforms?
Vpn clients like Nord and Express are the major options to access Hotstar on varied platforms. 
2. Will Zenmate VPN help to access Hotstar in the UK and neighbouring States?
Yes, Zenmate VPN assists the users with unblocking the app in the mentioned regions. 
3. What is the monthly subscription cost of NordVPN?
The monthly subscription cost of Nord VPN is $69 for operating with the prohibited software. 
4. How to access Hotstar on Hulu live TV in the USA?
Any substantial VPN client can guide the users to access Hotstar on a digital platform like Hulu live TV. 
5. Which prime VPN clients could be best suited for Mac devices?
VPNs like Nord and Turbo could be an excellent fit for Mac and Ios devices. 

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is one of the most used VPN services in middle western countries. Thus prominent folks in Europe can use it to access Hotstar in their respective countries as it is one of the rare VPN clients that provide both free and premium services. Its capability to unblock any contaminated content is the most prominent feature of this software. How to access Hotstar on Disney Plus is also a prime concern that Atlas VPN considers for its users. 









Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN

Cyber ghost VPN has almost 3000 servers worldwide, making it the safest option for users. To access Hotstar, many overseas netizens opt for cyber ghost VPN due to its safety-first approach. This is one of the meagre VPN clients which has established its customer base on the pillar of protecting user privacy. Along with this, brink streaming speed is also the trait of Cyberghost ghost that attracts many users towards it.