Unlock all Movies on Amazon Prime using VPN

by VPN Guider

December 19, 2022

Amazon prime has quietly been growing its library and has inculcated various other streaming services
under its umbrella to allow users to easily watch content from different streaming services without having
to hassle and juggle different streaming services and platforms. But it should be remembered that not all
of the library is accessible to any individual from any corner of the world, as the content is curated and
limited and restricted to the interests of the demographic of the user so as to not hurt or offend the
sentiments of the general population and society.

Amazon Prime

But such limitation doesn’t help or satiate the needs of those who have migrated from a different country
or from a different region as they are still interested in those containers, and those who appreciate foreign
and international content, despite not having been a part of the demographic that has a general liking
towards those shows and movies. And if the user already has a subscription to Amazon prime, they
simply cannot unsubscribe to it just for that one reason. We have a solution for that.

How to unlock all movies on amazon prime video?

Most of the digital world is familiar with a VPN. We all have used a VPN in some capacity in our digital
lifetime. Be it for watching something, browsing the internet, or just having a secure connection in a
public space/wifi. The VPN can help viewers in unlocking content from all over the world on amazon
prime video, and not just prime video, but almost every streaming service in the world, since the concept
is the same for every platform.

unlock amazon prime

The users who already have a subscription to amazon prime, can use a VPN, free or premium to
disguise their location to that of the native region of the content it is generally produced in, and they will
be able to access those content and shows and movies without any further trouble.

The process is simple –

● Download and install the VPN.
● Run the application and set the country you want to stream the movies, please note that not
every server will function at its best capacity and it will need a refresh or a change of location
to start working.
● Connect the VPN to the server by hitting the connect button.
● Load amazon prime video and start enjoying the movies and shows once you find your show
and movie of interest.


Some of the VPNs that the user can look into are –
1. Nord VPN
2. Surf Shark VPN
3. Express VPN
4. Cyber Ghost VPN
5. Private VPN
6. Hotspot Shield

  • Supports Torrenting & P2P traffic
  • WireGuard protocol available across all apps
  • Large server network of 8800+ servers in 91 countries
  • Reliable VPN Kill Switch
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

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To conclude, all you need to unlock your amazon prime video subscription is a VPN and the application
to run it, once it has been established, run the VPN and select the server and country of your choice.
Once everything is in place, all you will need is a good internet connection and popcorn to enjoy your
shows and movies.