How to watch Prime Video Movies for Free?

by VPN Guider

December 15, 2022

There are a number of ways by which people can watch movies and shows available on Prime Video Movies for free. This article includes a list of websites that can be used to manage the shows and movies available exclusively to Prime Video. In order to stream these websites, it is essential to use VPNs to be safe. 

The majority of free streaming websites currently lack security. Even though throughout the tests conducted, it was discovered that these websites did not assault visitors using harmful methods. Nevertheless, most of these dubious websites monitor streams using their IP addresses. Your identity is finally revealed online as a result. You may avoid any potential problems and privacy invasions by using a VPN.

Free Alternate Platforms to watch Prime Video Movies

Solar movies 

Prime Video Movies

Despite being relatively new to the market, SolarMovie is surely becoming known as one of the top websites to watch free Prime Video movies online. Users at SolarMovie can sign up to receive updates, among other things, by doing so. There are several excellent connections available on the free movie streaming website. In addition, Prime Video Movies are sorted by country and genre. Thanks to this, users can quickly filter out the movie they want to watch based on the region.



The most recent seasons of all new TV shows, which are only available on Netflix, Prime Video Movies and other streaming services, are offered by Fmovies. In order to view the content provided on their website, you are not required to pay anything.

A large variety of Prime Video Movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Hindi-dubbed films are available in addition to TV shows. Additionally, you may choose the nations from which you want to access the information. Additional genre options include those action, drama, history, mystery, horror, thriller, and many more. If you’re stumped and unsure of what to watch, try something new from the most famous content section.



Crackle is another good website that can be used to watch movies and shows for free. It is an online video entertainment network and offers full-length Prime Video Movies, TV episodes, and original programming for free. There is a wide variety there, including current movies. It is accessible via many platforms, including online, set-top boxes, mobile devices, connected TVs, and set-top boxes. 



This website functions similarly to Fmovies and is a great Prime Video Movies Alternate. You may download free movies, TV shows, and much more on the website. You have options like movies, genres, unique content, and TV shows. These options offer a variety of content, ranging from the most recent to the oldest. On this page, you may find the most recent seasons and episodes. This website is beneficial and easy to use, along with top-quality graphics.

Tubi TV


It is a streaming service that provides free movies and TV episodes without requiring subscriptions or other obligations. You are free to view it whenever and however much you want. Many Prime Video Movies and TV series are available on Tubi TV, and you can watch them all for free. Additionally, this website includes a beautiful collection of family-friendly children’s movies and TV series. There won’t be many buffering or loading issues because of the high streaming quality. 



Kanopy partners with public libraries and institutions to deliver meaningful entertainment to your chosen device with no fees or advertisements. On Kanopy, everyone—from film buffs to casual viewers—will find inspiring and educational movies. It contains content available on Amazon Prime Video Movies.

In contrast to other services that provide free movie streaming, Kanopy requires a current U.S. library card before you can access their extensive collection of movies, which is updated monthly. There are no advertisements and it is totally free. There is also a section where kids of all ages can watch entertaining and informative movies on Kanopy Kids.



Trending TV shows and movies may be seen on the homepage of the streaming service Vumoo. Any film of your choice will take you to a page with an integrated media player when you click on it, allowing you to watch the video directly in your web browser.

On Vumoo, apart from Prime video entertainment, users can also find and enjoy recently released movies and TV shows on some important OTT (Over-The-Top) services like HBO, Netflix, and others. The collection of Hollywood, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese films on it is highly appealing to movie maniacs.



Roku, the world’s top streaming device and Smart TV OS platform, also has Vudu as its official movie and TV shop. More than 200 000 new releases, classic films, and TV shows are available to rent or buy on Vudu, along with the largest selection of 4K UHD titles and thousands of free streaming options. You can sort movies using a simple filter by a few different genres, followed by most-watched or release date. It is a decent alternative to Prime Video Movies.

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The websites featured in the list are among the best in the market. These websites are suitable for providing all the free entertainment that Prime Video Movies offers. And provides an excellent interface to make exploring your favorite movies easier, as well as an extensive library of movies that are available for free. 

Most importantly, don’t think that since the information is free, you must compromise on its quality. These websites will provide you with the highest quality material. You do not have to pay anything to gain access to these websites.