Top 5 best VPNs for Streaming Movies & TV Shows

by VPN Guider

December 16, 2022

While traveling out of the country, people can view TV series and films from their home nation using a VPN. So, here is a guide on the best VPN for streaming tv shows and movies.

Due to copyright costs and licensing agreements with third-party suppliers, many streaming services have separate content libraries for various countries (so you might need access to the material for your country). However, a solid VPN will enable you to connect to a server in your home country and watch media from that nation’s content repository.

Unfortunately, many VPNs have sluggish connection speeds, which can lead to material buffering or even freezing. Additional VPNs are incompatible with the best streaming websites (most streaming apps block VPN traffic).

Best VPNs for streaming television shows and movies 

Private VPN

Best VPN for streaming

This VPN is for beginners who need to learn and understand more about VPN usage. They are very efficient and relatively easy to use. This service is an excellent option if you’re new to VPNs because it is straightforward. There is a quick-connect option, and manually connecting to a server in one of PrivateVPN’s more than 60 countries is simple. The applications were easy to use, and there were few options, so one felt simple.

In addition to offering all necessary security measures, PrivateVPN has built-in security against DNS and IPv6 leaks. It is simply the best VPN for streaming any content online. 

Vypr VPN


With 30 connections allowed, VyprVPN is a fantastic family choice for the best VPN for streaming. Families in a home can utilize this VPN because they can watch on several devices while connected to VyprVPN. Although VyprVPN isn’t as quick as ExpressVPN, its speeds are on par with Private Internet Access. Streaming websites loaded quickly on most servers, but I encountered longer load times (5–10 seconds) and slight buffering on very far-flung servers.

With the dynamic server switching feature provided by VyprVPN, you may be switched to a less busy server (in the same country as your connection) at any time. This helps you avoid using overloaded servers and maintains fast streaming speeds for your preferred TV shows and movies.

Proton VPN


Fast streaming, access to all the major streaming sites, and cutting-edge security and privacy features are all provided with Proton VPN. Even if it’s slower than ExpressVPN or Private Internet Access, it offers a pleasant viewing experience; HD and 4K movies load quickly and never lag. Proton VPN’s VPN Accelerator function, designed to increase speeds on far-off servers, is fantastic if you want to watch internationally.

All of the well-known streaming services are compatible with Proton VPN, but only the Plus servers—which are only accessible to users of the Plus plan—allow streaming. The free version of Proton VPN does not support streaming. Still, it makes its mark as one of the best VPN for streaming digital content.

Express VPN


This is one of the best VPN for streaming anything. This is known as the king of all VPNs. Express VPN is fast and very efficient. It has a specific Smart DNS solution for streaming and maintains breakneck speeds across all servers. Additionally, it offers user-friendly apps for Smart TVs, routers, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other platforms.

Streaming service

The most well-liked streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer, continuously operate with ExpressVPN. Additionally, it functions with less well-known websites like Sling TV and fuboTV. In actuality, it will be the best VPN for Netflix in 2022.



Even though it doesn’t unblock as many streaming services, IPVanish remains a reliable pick for the best VPN for streaming. Users can connect to servers in more than 50 places, and it has a global market. Users can access both the American and Australian Netflix catalogs. You also have an excellent service for accessing international material, given that the provider competes with some of the fastest VPNs available.

Viewing geo-blocked content is much simpler with IPVanish’s apps for Fire devices like Amazon Fire TV. But it is by no means its only capability. Thanks to this VPN, we could access Disney Plus, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and several Netflix libraries.

  • Very impressive speeds
  • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Specialized servers for torrenting
  • Zero-logs privacy policy
  • Connect securely to 55 countries

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The kind of server and its upkeep requirements are essential. Many servers only sometimes guarantee a high user experience. However, there is no need to worry because all VPNs offer a money-back guarantee, allowing you to try without paying.

VPNs provide privacy and anonymity, protecting you from government agencies and hackers. They may also be utilized to guarantee that you have access to the stuff you purchase in other parts of the planet. A VPN for Netflix would be an excellent illustration of this. With that, the above-stated makes great choices as the best VPN for streaming tv shows and movies.