Top 4 fastest VPN for office and family usage

by VPN Guider

December 20, 2022

Virtual Private Network has increased in popularity at an exponential rate in recent times, especially since the COVID pandemic struck the demographic. With people interested in seeking remote jobs, accessing international content, working on the go and so much more, the need for the fastest VPN has never been higher for anyone and everyone.

The internet is an ever-growing and ever-expanding universe which only needs more and more users now that things are slowly but surely moving to the digital spectrum. And to access the digital ecosystem in the best possible manner, users and viewers need a fast and secure internet connection for the ease and comfort that it provides. The same applies to a VPN, to have a comfortable and easy experience without many drawbacks or lags, the user needs a VPN that is fast enough to satisfy the needs and means they desire and are looking for.

The following VPNs are some of the Fastest VPN options that are recommended in case the user is looking for a fast and secure VPN as their primary need.

Fastest VPN options right now

Surf Shark

Fastest VPN

It is one of the most popular fastest VPN in the current day and age. It has risen in popularity at a steady rate and continues to grow in popularity because of its approach to marketing and reaching the masses without needing to spend millions on billboards and hoardings. It has acquired partnerships and sponsorships with content creators, streamers, and YouTubers who in turn promote their VPN and also offer an enticing discount which is unique and limited to their audience which increases the odds of new users and subscribers.

The reason they have stayed so successful is in part to their ability to provide one of the best and highest speeds possible on a VPN platform which has seen them become one of the best-ever VPN service providers. Their maximum speed through their VPN service has reached 950mbps, which can only be competed by one other VPN service which is also in our list a few places down, Tor Guard.


1. What is the fastest VPN?
In pure speed, the fastest VPN is Tor guard, but it is not well supported. In overall performance and usability, surf shark is the fastest VPN.
2. How to choose the fastest VPN?
To choose the fastest VPN that suits the user, they should consider why they will use a VPN and for what reasons they need the VPN to work fast.
3. Why do you need a fast VPN?
There are many reasons why we may need a fast VPN, it could be streaming, working, downloading, browsing and more.



It is one of the newer VPNs and has seen a lot of growth in recent times and has started to make a name for itself. It has been starting to get recognised as one of the fastest VPNs beyond the obvious candidates and has done quite well to hold its own when pitted against the established VPNs in the market. It performed well on both spectrums of wire guard and open VPN as it was the most impressive VPN in the recent tests conducted by various platforms.

It comes across as a safe VPN for anyone who is new to the service and is easy to access in addition to providing global and international content from the streaming platforms. It has started to perform as if it is looking to get in the mix with the big VPN corporations and it will be fun to see if it can keep up its performance going forward. It has a maximum speed of 850mbps and has been known to reach extraordinary levels of speed under wire guard, and is pretty decent under open VPN as well. The best thing about it may be that it is available to try for free, which will entice and attract new users.

Nord VPN


It might be the VPN that is as big as Surf shark, and there aren’t many VPN service providers who can say that and not fall short. Surf shark and Nord VPN are adjacent to each other in many ways, as they both have a similar approach to increasing their customer base and they both use content creators, streamers, and YouTubers as their hub to access newer users by tapping the audience base of those creators and streamers.

It doesn’t have the highest maximum speed, as it caps out at 820mbps, but that is not insignificant, as it still comes up to rank in the top 10 in terms of the speed that is available on the market. Nord VPN is known for its consistency, and now is being recognised for its feature set, and streaming assistance that it provides and offers.

  • Excellent security & privacy features
  • Works with Netflix, Hulu & all other streaming sites
  • Fast connection speeds in every location
  • Intuitive apps for every platform
  • IP addresses in 94 countries

Available on :

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Tor Guard

Tor Guard

Tor guard has come to be recognised as the fast and furious VPN, in similarity to the movie franchise, solely because of the level of speed and connectivity that it offers. In its entirety, it is not the best VPN, but with respect to the speed that it offers, it is surely one of the fastest, if not the fastest VPN service providers out there. It isn’t known by many VPN users, and there is a reason for that, which is that it is not great, and doesn’t satiate the needs of everyone who would be interested in subscribing to it.

But the one thing it does well, it does best, which is provide a high speed and connectivity rate which allows the users to enjoy and browse at the fastest level possible and permitted by the limitations of their device and router. The maximum speed it has reached is over 950mbps and is the highest speed known among the current VPNs.

It is highly configurable and is extremely fast under wire guard with 8 connections possible under their standard plan. But it can only be so good, as it has no support for the VPN service it offers, as it is quite subpar. There is no oversight over the VPN, and the applications used in conjunction with the VPN can overwhelm it quite easily which defeats the purpose of having a fast VPN.