How to Install a VPN on Kodi?

by Vpn Guider

October 4, 2022

If you’re a streaming freak and want to enjoy unlimited access to TV shows and movies, it is better to switch to some popular streaming service like Kodi. However, using a VPN on Kodi is better to keep yourself secure while you stream. This article will share various methods to install a VPN on Kodi. If you want to learn the art, let’s jump into this article. Before we get into the main topic, discuss why using an Install a VPN on Kodi is essential.

Why Use a VPN on Kodi?

Use a VPN


The deep internet world is full of prying eyes, always watching and recording what other users are doing. It includes their online activities, browsing history, and websites accessed. Whatever you stream might also get listed; if it’s not allowed in your region, you can get caught. Thus, you should use a VPN to secure your online streaming experience and prevent anyone from spying on your activities.

An excellent option for remaining anonymous

A VPN is an excellent option for remaining anonymous over the internet. Not using Install a VPN on Kodi means that anyone can find out what you are watching, especially your ISP. Your ISP assigns you an IP address; thus, they have the right to monitor and record your activities. With a VPN, no one can watch or misuse your online data. A VPN encrypts your data traffic, making it impossible for anyone to read and understand it. Moreover, it redirects your internet traffic from an encrypted to the VPN server and replaces your actual IP address with the one provided by the VPN server. This way, your online data remains secure from all malicious parties, ISP, and other surveillance watchdogs.

TV Shows on Kodi

You can stream unlimited movies and TV shows on Kodi when there is no one to invade your privacy. Another benefit of using a VPN is that it allows you to bypass censorship and access geo-blocked content. Thus, you can enjoy movies and TV shows from any other country your wish. Even you can download and save it to watch later without fearing being caught. As a whole, we do suggest using Install a VPN on Kodi.

Different Methods to Install a VPN on Kodi

Install a VPN


Installing a VPN on Kodi is as easy as on Apple TV and your smart TV. This section will discuss different ways you can install a VPN on Kodi. So, are you people ready? Let’s begin with it.

Method No 1: Sideloading Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV with a VPN

You can’t get Kodi from the Amazon App Store, and thus you need to install it. When you add Kodi to Fire TV, you are making it the best media player of all time. Here is the step-by-step guidance in this regard:

  1. Switch off your Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV.
  2. Go to Settings > Developer Options > Allow apps to download from unknown sources.
  3. Visit the Amazon App Store and search for the downloader app. Once you have found the app, install it.
  4. Open the downloader app and search for the Kodi app.
  5. When the app is ready, choose the Android and 32-bit versions.
  6. Upon downloading, click to install.

App is installed

When the app is installed, it is time to download the VPN on your Fire TV or Fire Stick TV. You can choose any method for doing so. You can visit the Amazon App Store, search for your VPN, and then download it the same way on any other device. Or even you can install a VPN on your router or add the APK files. After downloading the VPN, your Fire TV Stick is set to use Kodi. Also, a VPN protects it, and you can enjoy your streaming experience.

Method No 2: Use a VPN App

Another most straightforward way to install a VPN on Kodi is to use a VPN app. In this method, you need to download the VPN application and connect with your choice’s VPN server. However, as not all VPN comes with a dedicated app, ensure you choose a VPN with an app. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to use the VPN app on Kodi:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider.
  2. Visit its website and download and install the app on your device.
  3. Open the app and enter your login credentials.
  4. Choose the server you want to connect to and tap to connect.
  5. You have successfully installed a VPN on Kodi. You can now use Kodi anonymously.

Method No 3: With VPN Add-Ons for Kodi

You can also install a VPN on Kodi by using VPN Add-ons. This method allows you to run a VPN without exiting Kodi, but not all VPNs support this method. This approach is also a bit technical, so you should use it if you are an advanced user. You can find lots online regarding installing a VPN through this method, but remember that you can get lost if you don’t have the technical knowledge. It would be best if you had a VPN Manager to proceed with this method.

VPN Managers are available

Although various VPN Managers are available, we recommend using Zomboided VPN Manager. It is because it supports the top VPN in the industry, including NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Moreover, it also works on Windows and Linux platforms. Once you have got Zomboided VPN Manager, follow the steps mentioned below:


Follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Open Kodi and go to the Settings menu. You can identify it as a gear symbol.
  2. Select System.
  3. Now, click on the Add-ons tab and allow downloads from Unknown Sources.
  4. A warning message pop-up on your screen. Please read it carefully and accept it by pressing Yes.
  5. Download the latest version of Zomboided on your computer.
  6. Again go back on Kodi, go to settings, and then Add-ons.
  7. Tap on Install from the zip file.
  8. Search for the Zomboided Zip file you downloaded in your download folder.
  9. If you’re a Windows and Linux user (old version), install OpenVPN and exit Kodi.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Make sure you download the original OpenVPN installer for your system.
  2. Run the installer and select the Destination Folder.
  3. Choose Run as administrator by doing a right-click on Kodi.
  4. Tap the search icon and again select add-ons.
  5. Write VPN Manager for OpenVPN and hit enter.
  6. Now tap on VPN Manager for OpenVPN and choose install.
  7. An automatic installation wizard will begin to work.
  8. The wizard inquires you to choose a VPN provider and the login credentials.
  9. Follow all the instructions that show on your screen.
  10. A VPN add-on is now working on your Kodi.

Method No 4: Add a VPN to Your Router

To install a VPN on Kodi, you can add a VPN to your router and then connect it with Kodi. It is a great way to secure all other devices on the same network. It protects all your devices and ensures a safe browsing experience over the internet. It would help if you had a pre-configured router that supports DD-WRT firmware to implement this method. You need to change the settings of your firmware. Once you are done with it, Install a VPN on Kodi and connect it with Kodi.

Method No 5: Install With a VPN on Your iPhone and iPad

It is tricky to set up Kodi on Apple devices, but the step-up guides and online tutorials have become much more accessible. You must first install a VPN on your iPhone and iPad and then Install a VPN on Kodi. The easiest way is to download the VPN app from the app store and login into your account. You can find a VPN app on the iOS app store but not Kodi. Thus, you have to sideload it via Cydia Impactor for Mac or Windows.

Developer account

Sideloading Kodi on your iOS device is a hassle as you have to pay some amount to access the developer account, and you need to re-download it after seven days. But, still, people prefer to use this process. Never mind if you too want to learn about this approach. Below are the steps for Install a VPN on Kodi by using Cydia Impactor:

Cydia Impactor:

  1. Download Cydia Impactor onto your PC and Mac.
  2. Now download the latest Kodi IPA file.
  3. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your system, and close iTunes from the background.
  4. Open Cydia Impactor and drop the Kodi IPA file into it.
  5. Choose your iOS device and tap on Start.
  6. Enter your Apple ID. It is the email address you used to sign up.
  7. Go to your iPhone/iPad Settings > General > Profile and Device Management.
  8. Hit the profile with your Apple ID and click Trust.
  9. Turn on your VPN, and your Kodi is ready for use.

Which Is The Best VPN for Kodi?

Best VPN


Kodi is open-source software that allows streaming of all types of content connected to any device. When choosing the Install a VPN on Kodi, it is not an easy task. Most VPNs claim to be compatible with Kodi but don’t produce effective testing results. Always consider three elements while selecting the best VPN for Kodi. These include:

  • Fast and consistent speed
  • How secure is it?
  • Streaming ability

Considering the above three factors, we’ve come up with the three best Install a VPN on Kodi. These VPNs are:

  • IPVanish (best choice for Kodi)
  • ExpressVPN (best for streaming)
  • NordVPN (Fastest VPN)

All the VPNs mentioned above have the qualities we look for in an Install a VPN on Kodi. So, decide by review all these three VPNs. Also, do choose according to your budget.

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 Final Thoughts

If you want to stream unlimited content on your iPhone, iPad, TV, or laptop, you should invest in Kodi. But, to secure your browsing experience, you should use a VPN. In several ways, you can install a VPN. Install it and enjoy the benefits.