Top 3 Best AdBlock Chrome Extension

by VPN Guider

January 10, 2023

The advent of online multimedia has seen the internet change for the better and in some ways for the worse. The increase in accessibility and the accelerating equality in the online ecosystem is something to be cheerful about, but the anonymity and the subterranean tracking of movements are not something to be happy about. That is why adblock chrome extension is an important addition to your system. 

To help avoid some of the tracking and constant trailing of one’s movements online, we share with you some of the best AdBlock chrome extensions available to any user on the online platform. These not only work on chrome but are also accessible and functional on any browser that the user may prefer to use, the extensions can be portrayed as AdBlock plus chrome extensions to be inclusive of other browsers and the experience available on them.

More on AdBlocks

One of the most famous adblockers in use and the application is adblocker 360, and it is used on a global scale with almost every user having the adblocker 360 extension on their device. We want to share with you three alternatives so that you can have the best choice available to you when deciding on the extension that will last the lifetime of your device, and possibly all devices in the future as well.

Best AdBlock chrome extensions 

Total AdBlock

adblock chrome extension

Our first pick as an alternative to AdBlock 360 is total AdBlock. They are simply one of the most popular adblock chrome extension available when it comes to ad blockers and they have every reason to be that trustworthy. They have been rated extremely highly by the chrome extension store and are in every top 5 list of ad block reviews that is out there.

It would have been an error on our part if we missed this one to add to our list of suggestions as one of the best AdBlock chrome extensions. They say so on their website, ‘start blocking unwanted ads and millions more on every website you go.’



AdLock is without a doubt one of the life savers in terms of adblock chrome extension in the market. They are probably one of the only extensions that have created software and device-specific extensions for the users so that they do not have to miss out on the software just because they do not use chrome as their primary browser.

They have ad blockers available for macOS, iOS, windows as well as android devices. They do offer plans so that they can use the same ad blocker on multiple devices, but that comes with a subscription. The rates are extremely affordable which compel us to suggest one of the best AdBlock extension for google chrome as well as other browsers.


1. What is the benefit of using an adblock chrome extension?
Adblock chrome extension blocks the ads that the user would have seen upon traversing between different sites while browsing on the internet.
2. What is better, an adblock chrome extension or a VPN?
In theory, an adblock chrome extension is cheaper which makes it more appealing, but a VPN does the job of an ad blocker and does a lot more which makes it the obvious pick between the two options.

Twitch AdBlock Plus

Twitch AdBlock Plus

Twitch has seen many users join in and has also seen an increase in the streamer community ever since the pandemic. The increase in both viewers and streamers has increased the demand for a twitch adblock chrome extension. Twitch AdBlock Plus is not the best twitch ad block extension, but it is one of the few that exists in the current market.

It blocks the twitch ads extremely well and has improved and increased the quality of life for viewers on twitch by quite a lot which is a good sign for the rest of us. It allows high-quality streaming; a single click enables and disables options as well as blocking alerts. If you are looking for a twitch AdBlock extension in the current market, look no further than Twitch AdBlock Plus.

  • Works with US Netflix, HBO Max & more
  • Fast download speeds on nearby servers
  • Simple and easy-to-use apps
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Works in China

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If you generally browse on a single device, an ad blocker is the best option for you since it is available for free and many extensions and variations are available for you to choose from. But if you are browsing via multiple devices and need an adblocker for all the devices, we would advise you to go for a VPN instead since it is a complete package and offers a multi-fold of what an adblock chrome extension would offer you on a single device.