Top 5 Best Torrent sites for Windows Applications

by VPN Guider

December 3, 2022

Computers have become an essential part of human life, and now with different applications, it is more of a necessity for the commoner. Dedicated applications serve the user’s purpose and help them achieve their goal. But with several sites providing links for the same application, many users need clarification more than ever. Here, we have listed the Torrent sites for Windows Applications for your ease. 

Torrent sites for Windows Applications help to solve this issue. But then again, many well-known Torrent sites for Windows Applications are closed down or blocked. So, it is getting harder and harder to trace the exact site for the intended application. Moreover, finding ones that are readily available for your software torrent needs is challenging.

Siting this need, we have jotted down five of the best Torrent sites for Windows Applications for the exact requirement. There are still some reliable torrent sites that will give you good speeds for your software torrenting needs.

Also, for the best possible experience, you must use a torrenting VPN. So firstly, download one of our recommended VPN services to your device, and then download your software torrents. This allows you to get access to restricted sites with safety and security.

Listed below are the top 5 torrenting websites for windows applications,

Top 5 Torrent Sites for Windows Applications

Let’s directly go to our top-5 list of best torrent sites for software torrents,



Torrent use widely depends on the “ease of use”, while this torrenting site is one of the most organized on the web. The torrent files are easy to find; you can search your files by genre, year and even by language. It stands out as the very best among Torrent sites for Windows Applications. 

The user interface of this software torrenting site is very subtle. To be cautious that the site has some pretty risque pop-ups.


Torrent Downloads

A hugely famous and still widely used Website for Torrents files is “TorrentDownloads”. Simplicity is the essence of this site, where people find it easy to access files of their interest. Sadly the torrent site is blocked in many regions. But VPN can solve this issue for the “restricted” parts to access software on this site. Still it remains among the best choices in Torrent sites for Windows Applications.

The Pirate Bay


Again, this crowd-puller has a massive collection of movies, TV Shows, software, and games. The crisp use of routing helps the user to land ideally on the intended software download. While The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site, it has recently been banned from many regions because of copyright infringement concerns. It also performs decently as an option among Torrent sites for Windows Applications. 

This torrent site is still the best for the user in “allowed” regions. It has torrents in many categories and also supports magnet links.


Top 5 Best Torrent sites for Windows Applications

RARBG is slowly coming onto the list of “favourites” for Torrent sites for Windows Applications users. Although you won’t find a wide range of selections compared to other torrenting sites, users can easily find the latest software torrents on RARBG.

The quality of the torrent sets the site apart, as it has outstanding quality and reliability. To go through the links, the user might face interface issues and be hampered by lots of ads on this site.



Torrentz2 can be seen as an upgraded version of the Torrentz Torrent sites for Windows Applications since the latter has been laid to rest. Their plus side is a huge collection of content, with nearly 60 million torrents available to users. The content is segregated into software, movies, TV shows and other aspects.

  • Logging policy safeguards users' privacy
  • Premium account unblocks 32 Netflix libraries
  • Works in China and other censored regions
  • P2P and torrenting allowed on most servers
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections

Available on :

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VPN and Torrenting

Above all mentioned Torrent sites for Windows Applications, one widespread and important thing is using a VPN. Though all the sites might provide you with the content user intends, safety and access are in the user’s hands. Whether you are using BitTorrent, uTorrent, or any other torrent client to access a torrent website, you will need to make sure you are also using a reliable VPN to torrent safely.

Importantly it is to maintain your download and connection speeds. Technically, if your ISP detects you torrent large files, it will often throttle your connection. This inhibits your torrenting seriously. A VPN takes care of the identity, and speed will never be an issue.

Secondly, for geo-restricted access, with VPN, you can get geo-blocked website content from anywhere. It also lets you connect to remote servers worldwide, giving you an IP address in an open country.

While we do not condone any torrenting crimes, if you accidentally cross the line of the law, it is essential to know you are protected. And for safety purposes, a VPN keeps your online activity private and anonymous. This provides you with safe passage from any hackers, malware, or pop-ups.

Kindly note that we do not, by any means and/or form, condone illegal torrenting or any online activity that breaks the law.