Top 6 Best Adblockers for Safari

by VPN Guider

December 28, 2022

Safari is the most common browser in iOS or macOS. People have been using safari for the convenience it offers, as well as the security that comes along with the name apple attached. But it is not without the ads that have plagued almost every browser that exists and functions today.

This exact reason has seen the rise of adblockers for safari. People want to make their experience seamless and convenient and fast every time they are on the internet, browsing, or searching. They cannot do that if they have to navigate ads half the time and be distracted and diverted onto useless sites that will only waste their time. This exact reason has seen the rise of adblockers for safari. We would like to share with you the best ad blockers in our opinion that one can use to enhance their experience while browsing on safari.

Best adblockers for Safari

Total Ad block 

adblockers for safari

It is among the most secure adblockers for safari. It is available in two price ranges for the users to choose from. One is the free range that offers limited coverage and access to the ad blocker for safari. The other is a premium and paid version where the user can access every service offered by the adblocker and enjoy a seamless and ad-free experience on their device, be it an iPhone or MacBook. It is not just a safari adblocker, but if the user has other devices as well, it works quite well for them too.

Ad Lock

It has been heard that ad lock is a transformational addition to any user’s safari, and any iOS or macOS user who has used ad lock will say the same. Like total ad block, it also has two plans, one that is free so that it doesn’t block its users behind a paywall and the other, a premium version for those who need the security and safety that comes along with the premium features of the ad blocker. It is reasonably priced given that it is a safari adblocker and people are expected to pay a premium for anything connected to apple, but this has not been the case with Ad Lock.

Ad Guard

Ad Guard

Not every user would be willing to pay loads and loads of money every month for the best ad blockers for safari. some just want to ensure they get the best services for a reasonable and affordable rate. Ad guard is that service precisely for those users, as it offers the best value for money for apple users in the respective bracket of devices and features. Free extensions available and plans that allow multiple device subscriptions at a fractional rate are what make them the most attractive adblockers for safari within their price range and features offered.


1. What is an ad blocker?
An ad-blocker is an application that will remove or alter adverts on the web pages you visit.
2. Do you need adblockers for Safari?
If you want a secure browsing experience, you should get adblockers for Safari on your devices.



Probably the unique and single option in this list of adblockers for safari. it is the only option that offers free services off the shelf. And, it only needs to be purchased at a decent rate which is fairly low for adblockers for safari, especially given it is for apple devices. It is extremely easy to use, and users can get to grips with it fairly quickly. It is exclusive to iOS and macOS, which makes it that much more desirable for apple devices since the app store does not list applications without running them through a list of checks and security measures performed.

Ad block

Ad Block

It is said to be the original ad blocker for iOS. Given the history, it has had with apple and safari, it is safe to say it was predominantly designed for those devices. It works exceptionally well with safari and has been inculcated to bring out the best of itself and safari so that it can enhance the user’s experience while browsing. It is available for free, and users can quite easily use this and let it run in the background while they explore the Internet. It is known to be one of the oldest and best among adblockers for Safari.

  • Works with BBC iPlayer & Disney+
  • No data logs or leaks
  • Good free service
  • Affordable prices
  • Servers optimized for P2P activity

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Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is not just an ad blocker, but also a VPN. It has a lot more to offer than just providing ad-blocking services for safari. It is not just a safari adblocker, it also helps cover the IP address of the users, and protects them from malware and other harmful threats available on the internet. With protection and other services such as privacy and ad blocking, this might be the service for those looking to secure their household devices in every way from threats they may encounter while browsing. It is relatively cheap but does not offer any free plans to its users.