Surfshark VPN Ratings

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General overview

Surfshark VPN is a magnificent private networking service owned by Surfshark Ltd and was founded in 2018. The company was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, widely viewed as a privacy-heaven country. However, in 2021, it moved its headquarters to the Netherlands. The service has a robust no-logs policy; it doesn’t collect any sensitive or personally identifiable information. Moreover, the VPN offers top-notch security features and protocols that lets users surf safely and anonymously. Surfshark has a tremendous server network of 3200+ servers in 100+ countries—most by any VPN. It works well with many famous streaming sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max and more. You can download and install Surfshark on every major platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and it allows unlimited device connections. The VPN has a quick and effective customer support and comes with one of the cheapest pricing plans in the market.

Score 9.8


Surfshark has all the required security features and protocols for safe and anonymous browsing. It offers industry-standard security protocols, WireGuard and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and is backed with military-grade AES-256 encryption. The VPN also includes the essential kill-switch feature that prevents your data from exposing in case of sudden VPN disconnection.

Moreover, the VPN is packed with other advanced features like Bypasser, a split tunnelling tool that lets you select apps and websites that would use VPN. Also, a DoubleVPN feature routes your traffic through two different VPN servers, making your ISP harder to track. Surfshark has a Rotating IP that automatically changes your IP address after every 5-10 minutes, which adds extra anonymity to the user’s data.

Furthermore, the VPN doesn’t leak any IPv4, WebRTC, and DNS data. Surfshark also provides a complete package that includes antivirus, a private search engine, and a security alert system with the VPN service. Overall, the VPN is a secure and trusted VPN service that considers user anonymity its top priority.

Score 8.9


Surfshark has one of the fastest speeds in the industry and is reliable for efficient gaming, streaming or torrenting. The service provides fast connection speeds on both local and distant servers. On average, users experience around 10% to 15% speed loss when connected to nearby servers. If you are in the US and connect to US servers, you can expect around 85mbps speeds suitable for fast streaming, torrenting or buffer-free browsing.

The far-away servers also provide above-par speeds using Surfshark. Connecting to countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, or Singapore from distant locations drops around 40% to 42% speeds. However, this is not usual but are excellent and stable connection speeds. The gaming experience isn’t reliable when connected to distant servers; however, users can perform other activities freely.

Score 9.4


Surfshark has one of the most extensive server networks of 3200+ servers in 100+ countries and covers 25+ cities globally. Most of the servers are in Europe and North America, and a limited number of servers are also available in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Surfshark has excellent server coverage in the United States, providing many city-level servers.

Surfshark works exceptionally well for streaming purposes. The service unblocks up to eight Netflix libraries and other famous platforms like BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus. Surfshark’s fast speeds and large server network make it an efficient service for streaming.

Furthermore, Surfshark is a great choice for torrenting. The VPN has robust security features for safe P2P activity; however, it lacks the port-forwarding feature that helps in fast seeding speeds. The VPN allows P2P activity on all of its servers and has high encryption standards, which helps in safe and fast torrenting for the users.

Score 8.9


Surfshark VPN has quick and efficient customer support to address users’ queries. It provides various helping options like 24/7 live chat support, Email support, FAQs option and Installation Guides. There’s also a specific section for troubleshooting, knowledgebase and Getting Started.

You can head to VPN’s live chat by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page. However, Surfshark’s technical staff is fast and supportive; they will address your queries within minutes. Moreover, Installation or troubleshooting guides provide in-depth knowledge to the users. The service has a reliable customer support and all the required features for user help and knowledge.

Score 9.2


One of the best aspects of Surfshark is its pricing plans. The VPN provides one of the best value-for-money services in the market; especially its long-term plans are cheap and desirable for customers. Following are the pricing plans for Surfshark VPN

  • 1-Month plan costs $12.95/m; billed monthly
  • 12-Months plan costs $3.99/m; billed $59.76 annually
  • 24-Months plan costs $2.05/m; billed $59.76 annually

 Free Trial & Refund Policy

Surfshark offers a seven-day free trial to customers via Android and IOS devices. You must download the app and submit the payment details to enjoy Surfshark’s premium plan. However, you will be charged after seven days if you don’t cancel the service.

Surfshark has an industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee. Within 30 days of purchasing the service, you can consult the technical staff for a refund via their official website.

Payment Methods

Surfshark accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMDX)
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Cryptocurrency

Company Information

  • Company name: Surfshark Ltd
  • Company incorporation country: Netherlands
  • Years in market: 4
  • No-logs: No

Overview - Conclusion

Surfshark is an all-rounder and is highly recommended to newbies or even advanced users. The VPN excels in every area, whether high-quality streaming or unlimited torrenting. Also, the service has unlimited simultaneous connections and excellent value-for-money plans.