Is Domain Privacy Worth It & Do You Need It?

by VPN Guider

January 14, 2023

What is a Domain and Domain Privacy?

Despite browsing and surfing on the internet for hours, the users may yet sometimes be unaware of the basic terms that form the bedrock of the internet ecosystem. A domain may be one such term many may be using incorrectly during a conversation. Domain refers to the location of a website, meaning it is the IP address of the website, but since it is hard to remember a string of numbers that may seem meaningless to most, we refer to sites using their name instead for ease of access.

More of Privacy associated with domains

The service that aims to protect sensitive and personal information is known as domain privacy protection. It is required by almost every website and online platform to conceal the information of their users so as to protect their identities from random strangers on the internet. WHOIS database plays a major role in shielding and concealing the individual identities that are saved on any domain and website.

How to own a domain?

Own a domain

To own a domain name, the name must be registered with the WHOIS directory. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, also known as ICANN, requires a mailing address, phone number, and email address of the administrators and owners of the domain name. after the due diligence and process that goes into successfully registering oneself in the WHOIS directory, the domain name is officially inducted into the directory.

Domain privacy protection service allows the personal identities of the domain owners to conceal their identities whenever receiving or forwarding mail so that their sensitive information is not revealed to the public and is concealed by WHOIS by regularly masking the names whenever a communique passes through the directory.


1. How does a VPN help with domain privacy?
A VPN helps a domain during operation, but not in terms of protecting sensitive data directly and easily blocking it off. That task falls under the ambit of WHOIS.
2. Should the users of the domain be concerned about their privacy?
The users should not worry about their domain privacy if they are using a VPN on a public network, or are surfing on their private network back home.

Do we need Domain Privacy?

Domain Privacy

What one question every domain owner will always themselves is, “is domain privacy worth it?” in short, yes, it is worth it, full domain privacy and protection are most definitely worth it for the owners. There are a number of ways owners of a domain name can find themselves in a difficult situation or dealing with difficult propositions which can be straight-up annoying at times. The following ways how WHOIS helps in reducing the difficulty that can be faced by the owners and the domain itself.–

  •       The domain is protected from competitors who are researching the market if the domain is registered on the WHOIS directory.
  •       Any domain’s registered address receives a number of emails on a daily basis, and they also receive many spam and junk mails. Being registered with WHOIS helps in the reduction of the spam and junk mail received by the domain’s email.
  •       There are built-in mechanisms and protocols in place to help divert stalkers and fraudsters and protect the integrity of the website.
  •       Protection of the identity is the key feature/selling point/advantage, whatever you may like to call it. The protected identities cannot be captured by other websites/ entities/ firms which means the data cannot be shared/sold to another third party for use and in some cases, misuse.
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When it comes to the privacy of a user on any website, the first thing that will come to their mind is, should I get a VPN to protect myself on the internet? But in terms of a domain name owner, a VPN does not do enough, since it only protects the operation and not the owners’ identities and contact information which can be found by digging into information around the site and finding out how to contact them.

If they are aware that they will be contacted by people who can induce a negative impression on them, they would want to be protected beforehand, and because of that, they would want their domain privacy to be maintained at all costs.