5 Best Premier League Streaming Services

by VPN Guider

January 3, 2023

Football lovers worldwide have started their hunt for a free streaming service for the premier league. The query about the premier league streaming began to rise after the end of FIFA World Cup 2022, as another premier league season is back.

In this edition, the top clubs will compete against each other to conquer the cup. Not all football clubs appear to play in this championship, which will commence on December 26. So here are the top five gateways for Non-UK viewers to watch this fantastic football championship.

What are the best Premier League Streaming Services?

The query for the best streaming service for the premier league is correctly copied here, along with the similar alternatives mentioned in detail. It is considered the second-best popular tournament in the world football domain after FIFA World Cup.

Online sports streaming websites cater the regular updates from every game before the users, but they can’t showcase live matches. This analysis illustrates a complete depiction of every streaming service for a better understanding of their users. Along with this minute, major technical features are also considered for the analysis.

DirecTV Stream

premier league streaming

DirecTV stream is a different wagon platform to rank at number one in the premier league streaming service tools.  Not many streaming tools like this platform provide total originality in the event’s broadcast. It is also important to note that DirecTV stream is the most widely used platform for premier league streaming among all the other apps that offer similar services. According to the reviews and ratings it got from the netizens, this is the best streaming service for the premier league.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + LiveTV is a decent premier league streaming tool with a monthly cost of $68. It comes after DirecTV, but there is still no such difference in the broadcasting services both tools provide. This is the most successful streaming service for the premier league, as per many software analysts and this platform’s rating affidavits the truth.


1. Which are the premier league streaming services available on the internet?
The platforms like DirecTV, Peacock TV and Sling TV on the prime names to broadcast the premier league 2022-23. 
2. Which platform is the best streaming service for premier league 2022-23?
Usually, Direct TV remains the best choice for significant football lovers to watch the Premier League.
3. Which is the best option to withdraw from watching the premier league?
Top Football broadcasters from various countries and digital streaming services should be subscribed to watch the premier league season 2022-23.
4. Can Hulu + Live TV be subscribed as a premier league streaming service?
Hulu + Live TV is an intrinsic streaming service subscribed to by many soccer fans from around the world to enjoy the live proceedings of football matches.  
5. How can I watch Premier League games online for free?
Several broadcasters provide free-to-air coverage of some Premier League matches. Also, certain legitimate broadcasters and streaming providers may offer free trials or limited-time specials to which you can subscribe.
6. What is the most convenient way to legally watch Premier League games for free?
The easiest option to legally watch Premier League matches for free is to look for free trials or limited-time promotions from official broadcasters and streaming services. In addition, select Premier League matches may be aired on free-to-air networks in some countries.
7. Can I watch Premier League games on TV for free?
Indeed, some broadcasters provide free-to-air coverage of Premier League matches on television. For example, the BBC provides free live streaming.
8. Can I use streaming services to watch Premier League matches on my mobile device?
Indeed, most Premier League streaming services feature mobile apps that allow you to watch matches on your smartphone or tablet. However, certain services may demand you to have a specific membership plan or other add-ons to enjoy mobile streaming.
9. Do I need a cable or satellite subscription to watch Premier League games online?
No, most Premier League streaming options are stand-alone services that do not require a cable or satellite subscription. Nevertheless, some providers may include Premier League coverage as part of a package deal with other channels or services, so study the service specifics before subscribing.
10. Can I use streaming services to watch Premier League matches on demand?
Yes, most Premier League streaming services enable you to watch matches on demand, allowing you to catch up on games you may have missed or re-watch your favourite moments.
11. Is there a regional limit to Premier League streaming services?
Indeed, some Premier League streaming providers may have geographical limits depending on where you live. Certain services, for example, may be available exclusively in particular countries or areas or may provide different materials depending on your location. Reviewing the service specifics and ensuring that the service you select is available in your location is critical.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV

FuboTV is the most expensive streaming service for the premier league, with a monthly charge of $70. It can be said that this application offers similar benefits to the first two platforms, but still, an overrated subscription value is charged, which repels a big chunk of users from it. Very few football fans used to operate with this premier league streaming service.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is the cheapest premier league streaming software to be opted out of its most reasonable subscription offer; not many users choose to cherry-pick this option for their purpose. The prime reason is the fewer sports channels it serves before the users, which eventually curbed its range of operations. But the viewers of the US and surrounding states can choose this streaming service for the premier league as it covers the prime broadcasters of America.

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Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is the most underrated application for streaming any entertainment event worldwide. It has a range of more than 50 streaming channels and also provides a free experience to users. Premier League streaming tools are abundant, but Peacock TV and the above four platforms are the best picks among them.

How to watch the premier league for free?

  • BBC – During Match of the Day and Match of the Day, the BBC provides free live coverage of certain Premier League matches.
  • NBC Sports – On its website, NBCSports.com, NBC Sports in the United States provides certain free Premier League matches.
  • Sky Sports – Sky Sports’ Pick channel provides free-to-air coverage of certain Premier League matches.
  • DAZN – Customers may watch Premier League matches for free during the free trial time.