Best VPN For Croatia to Use

by Vpn Guider

September 26, 2022

Are you looking for the best VPN for Croatia to access the geo-blocked websites and content? In Croatia, netizens face internet censorship and can’t access the free internet. To aid our readers in this regard, we’ve written this article for them. Read the entire article and find out the best VPN for Croatia that protects your privacy and helps you access the geographically blocked content.

Whether you’re in Croatia or any other European country, you should always use a VPN and boost your online presence. You experience regional restrictions while you want to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix or other streaming channels. Besides this, you also come across legal prosecution if founded torrenting.

Solution for VPN

There is one solution to all these problems, and that is using a reliable VPN provider.  The Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your data traffic with robust encryption and hides your real IP address. The data traffic redirects through the VPN server and spoofs your virtual location to a place of your choice. It seems that you are using the internet from that particular location instead of your. In this way, your ISP or any other snooping eye doesn’t know about your activities.

If you are in Croatia and want to access the BBC iPlayer, you need to connect to a UK server. It will look like you are in the UK and can block the UK content. But here, a crucial question is to what extent Croatia exhibits internet censorship. Before we start with the best VPN for Croatia, let’s discuss internet censorship in Croatia.

Croatia and Internet Censorship

Best VPN For Croatia


As compared to other EU countries, Croatia is quite behind other countries when it comes to internet usage. You can enjoy fast internet speed anywhere in the country but with limited coverage. You can access 4G or broadband internet and don’t have to face strict internet regulation like in other EU countries. As a whole, the internet is fast and free.

The netizens have the right to freedom of speech. Discrimination and hate speech are not flagged, and one can freely express their views and perspective.  Besides this, users can also enjoy high-speed public Wi-Fi networks anywhere they move in Croatia. But, the issue is with the maintenance of robust user privacy and a healthy cybersecurity culture. Increasing data hacking and breaching incidents are quite common in Croatia. One reason for it is open Wi-Fi networks.

Using a free internet is like inviting hackers to violate user privacy and data. Coming back to Croatia’s internet situation, the country joined the European Union in 2013 and continued to abide by the GDPR. Under these laws, a company can have the right to collect the user data if you opt-in and have understood how you will use the collected data. However, in the past, users’ have to opt-out to protect their data. Many companies don’t implement the GDPR and follow practices to bypass the GDPR.

Using Data Chains

One such way is by using data chains. In this method, the organization obtains your data by your consent. They make you believe that they won’t share it with anyone and then, after collection, sells it to third parties or advertisers. Moreover, being an EU member, Croatia should also follow the area rules. It’s like internet freedom laws vary from the vicinity where you live. However, in reality, things are not like this.

After the EU has chosen not to be a part of ACTA, the online content starts getting filtered out in strict ways. For instance, the ISPs filtered out the search results despite users’ personal preferences. Furthermore, you cannot access any gambling websites in Croatia, whether you are using them for legal purposes. Whenever you try to access any such site, a pop-up error message appears that says that the site has been blocked in your country.

Do Croatia Users Experience Geo-Blocking?

Yes, the netizens living in Croatia can’t access the geo-blocked content. Back in 2018, the EU Parliament voted in favor of banning the regionally restricted content. It is a significant reason why one should use a reliable VPN in Croatia.  Such tight restrictions mean that people can’t access services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and others.

Travelers who visit Croatia for work or vacation purposes also face issues as they can’t watch the content from their respective locations. Thus, if you live in Croatia or planning to go there, look for the best VPN for Croatia to enjoy the blocked content on various streaming services along with fantastic shopping deals.

How Does a VPN Help Netizens in Croatia?

Best VPN For Croatia


If you are in Croatia and want to access the free internet, you need to use a VPN. When you use a VPN, the privacy boosting software encrypts your data by passing it through an encryption tunnel. When you use the internet without a VPN, it goes unencrypted, but a VPN encrypts it and ensures no one can break the encryption, intercept, and view it. All your data traffic, including the bank account, credit card, or any other financial data, remains secure because of encryption.

Also, if you visit any websites like, say, gambling ones, the VPN won’t store any details about it by which anyone can recognize that you were using that site.   Another fantastic benefit that VPN offers to the people in Croatia is that it changes their virtual location. Once the data undergoes encryption, it’s redirected to a remote server instead of the ISP one. A tunnel is formed between your device and the remote server, and whatever you do, whether sends or receives the data, takes place through this remote server in a country of your choice.

It helps you in bypassing the geo-blocked restrictions, ISP snooping, and government surveillance. It looks like you are using the web from some other country instead of from where you are physically present. As a result, you can watch as much content from various streaming sites and devices.

How to Use a VPN in Croatia?

Best VPN For Croatia


If you are not a tech-savvy person or using the VPN for the first time, don’t worry about using it. Using a VPN is easy if you follow the right steps. Most of the best VPNs offer set-up guides on their official websites; you can go through them and learn how to use them. If you still face some issues, contact customer support via the live chat option or any other given means. The customer service representative is 24/7, ready to assist the users. It is also the best VPN characteristic; they resolve their customer queries in less time frame.  But, for now, you don’t have to visit the VPN’s website or contact customer support.

Below are the step-by-step instructions for using a VPN in Croatia so, follow it and make your work easy. The steps include:

  1. Please choose the best VPN for Croatia and create an account on their official website.
  2. Download and install the VPN app for the device you are using.
  3. Turn on the VPN and connect to any preferred server. For example, you want to access US Netflix, so you choose any server in the US.
  4. Open your web browser and access the service or website you want to watch.
  5. You can now watch or access the blocked content and websites in Croatia. But, if you still can’t do so, clear your browser caches and cookies.

Is It Recommended to Use a Free VPN in Croatia?

If you are planning to use a free VPN in Croatia, then don’t do it. It is not recommended at all to use a free VPN in Croatia. If you do, then be ready to find a limited number of servers and IP addresses. With a small server network and IP addresses, neither you can’t unblock the streaming sites nor download the torrent files.

The free VPN has a data limit and thus struggles to access streaming services, including DAZN, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. You have to experience slow internet speed and low bandwidth that worsen your web browsing experience. Another significant drawback of free VPNs is they fail to provide robust security and protection to the users. With a free VPN, you can’t browse anonymously and secure your online presence.

Most free services fail to encrypt your data traffic and expose your online activities and sensitive data to ISPs and hackers. Besides this, the free VPN service providers don’t usually follow a no-logging policy. They collect your data logs and sell them to third parties or even on the dark web. Hence, if you want to enjoy secure unlimited web browsing with complete anonymity, invest in a premium VPN service provider.

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Final Thoughts

Maintaining your online security and privacy is the right of every individual regardless of their geographic location. If you’re in Croatia, you should use the best VPN for Croatia to circumvent geo-blocked restrictions and boost your online security and privacy. A VPN is a handy privacy tool to fight against the GDPR and anyone who snoops on your online activities.